Back in the US

May 20, 2009

Well, a lot has happened in the last few months. We have moved back to the US as of about three weeks ago. When we originally moved to Mexico it was with the plan to stay one year. After a year and a half, we decided that we needed to move back to the US, though the decision was not an easy one to come by.

Reasons why we had to come back

  1. I'm pregnant (due end of October) and we wanted to take advantage of free childcare in the form of grandparents. Plus, hubby grew up with his grandparents in another country and he was only able to see them during his visits to Europe in the summer. He wanted his kid to live closer to his grandparents and see them often so they would have a closer relationship than he had with his.
  2. Because I have friends with kids in the US, I started to realize that the tests and medical care that I was receiving as a pregnant lady in Mexico were not the same as the tests and care my friends in the US were receiving and I guess I sort of panicked and wanted to be sure that everything was being checked. Also- hubby was tired of me having to translate everything the doctor said and was terrified that something would happen to me and he wouldn't be able to understand what was happening. (I had a girlfriend on standby to help with translation during labor and stuff, but he just felt more comfortable being in an English-speaking country).
  3. Though we were able to run our business from Mexico, we were not able to make the kind of income we were making in the States and so we were not saving as much. We didn't dip into savings, but we didn't create any additional savings either. This could be because we weren't working as much (by choice) or because it's harder to land small bread and butter jobs when you can't meet with people face to face. It's odd, a company is happy to spend $40k without seeing you, but if they're going to spend $5k they want to see you 15 times.
  4. The Swine Flu was making lots of news and though Quintana Roo claims not to have any cases of it, there are lots of Americans who contracted it on trips to QR, so someone isn't telling the truth. It's very bad for pregnant women to have any fever, let alone a severe one, and once you have symptoms they don't want to let you back in the US. We decided it would be better to have swine flu in the US.
So basically, it was time to leave. Our friends in Playa have bet that we will only make it one winter here, and they may be right. We certainly loved living in Mexico. I finally got fluent in Spanish and had a dream in Spanish and Hans got involved in mapping some of the cave systems. We've already decided that if they kid is an "easy" kid we'll be back some time in the near future.

I won't be updating this blog anymore, since it's about living in Mexico, not New Jersey. I haven't decided if I'll do another blog right now. I'm enjoying connecting over Facebook, which is alot easier than coming up with something interesting to write! So, thanks for reading and good luck in your travels and your life.

Acroyoga Workshop

Feb 23, 2009

Well, what have I been up to? Since fasting I have gone on a trip to Merida (pictures coming, but hubby took the camera with him to the US for two weeks and I hadn't gotten the photos off of it first). I also saw a few movies and bought a new bikini. Exciting stuff, I know.

I guess the problem is that when I first got here everything was a challenge or was new. Now I just go about my life. There isn't much to comment on. If I need to go to the bank or pay a bill or renew my car's visa or whatever, it's just something I do. It's not like this huge stressor, which I guess is due to my language skills being adequate.

Anyway. I did participate in a very cool acroyoga class taught by my friends Jill and Poncho. Jill is a yoga instructor and Pancho is a circus performer, so they taught us a little combination of acrobatics and yoga. It was extremely cool and very worth the time and money. They are going to try to do it again in a month, so watch the schedule over at Yoga by the Way if you're interested in participating next time.

Here are some photos, none of them are of me. I didn't bring my camera (it was in the US with hubby), but I got some of these from a friend who had posted them on Facebook. If I get some more with me in them I'll post them.

Big Oops- Day 10 on the old Fast- ONE DAY MORE!

Jan 19, 2009

Days 7-9 went fairly smoothly. Mostly I'm just getting bored with the juice and juice options. I have no idea how people do ten days of lemon juice on the Master Cleanse! I feel like I reached the pinnacle of my fast at day 5. Since then I haven't felt any better or worse, just started to get bored.

I didn't have any huge spiritual realizations or anything. I did discover that I have pretty good willpower since I had to sit through three birthdays with cake, one BBQ with all sorts of food, one homemade pasta dinner, one breakfast at La Cueva del Chango (which is an awesome breakfast place) and a bag of Swiss chocolates brought back from Switzerland by a friend.

Around day 5 I started to think about healthy foods. For this reason, I think it would be a time to stop the next time I do an extended fast. Pushing past that 5th day just made me want to eat whatever food, although I am going to try to eat healthy food from here out.

I do feel lighter and the clothing that was tight post Christmas celebrations is fitting again, so that's a positive. My naturopath friend told me that she was fasting one day a week for a few months after her last fast, so I might give that a shot, too. It's certainly a nice break from eating all the time.

One day more!

Day 6- my super holistic day

Jan 16, 2009

Day six went well. I'm starting to get a little tired of juice fasting. It's not hard, it's just a little boring and makes for some logistical difficulties when trying to hang out with other people.

A friend of mine just finished a massage course and she has been practicing reiki for a couple years (or more, not sure how long she's been doing that) and she needed a person to practice on. I was nice enough to let her give me a full body massage followed by a reiki session yesterday. :) It was very nice. She practices body alignment massage, which was wonderful!

Later in the day I went back to her house for a meditation session. We read some from a book that is an analysis of the Bhagavad Gita and then did about 25 minutes of meditation using "Who am I?" as the mantra. It was really nice.

THEN- we went over to Palapa Suuk and took another Yoga Nidra class, which was awesome. I may have found my new yoga studio! Palapa Suuk is VERY cool and spiritual. Most of the people there were Spanish speakers and I think the classes are given in Spanish for the most part. This fits nicely in with one of my manifestations for 2009, which is to make more Mexican and Spanish-speaking friends. I even ran into Hiram, a guy I had met at a bbq a couple months ago.

Three more days to go of this fast and I'm fantasizing about tofu and veggie stirfry with brown rice. Can you imagine? I'm looking forward to eating some of these veggies. I really think that juicing is a luxurious and wasteful way of eating! You throw out (or compost) so much veggie waste and to make enough juice for a day you end up using probably three or four times as much as you would normally eat. If everyone in the world tried to juice we'd certainly have a famine in no time! I'm looking forward to getting back to a more sustainable way of eating for both the planet and my social life!

And with that I will leave you with this little gem:

Day 5 Juice Fast

Jan 14, 2009

Today was day five on the juice fast. Everything is still going smoothly. I have now missed two opportunities to eat cake! Two birthdays in two days, but somehow I'm still living, so I guess it is, indeed, possible to live without chocolate.

This morning I did the salt water intestinal cleanse that was recommended by my yoga/naturopath friend. It was interesting. It certainly works. You drink two liters of salt water and do various yoga postures and before you know it, you have to poo. I started the morning feeling very cleansed...

As for juicing today, same as always. The biggest pain is washing the juicer. And the social implications of a fast- I can't go to dinner with everyone- at least I can't eat with everyone.

Other than that, I received several compliments today about my skin, so I guess it's working it's magic. I am still waiting on the profound spiritual enlightenment, so I'll let you know how that goes.

Day 4 on the Juicey Juice

Day four was pretty easy. It's getting easier and easier. I had yoga teacher training, so I took about 1/2 liter of juice with me. We had a special yoga teacher come in and lead us through a yoga nidra- or yogic sleep- meditation. Basically, we laid down and she talked us through a very deep meditation, in which it is ok to actually fall asleep. The goal is, through regular practice, to be able to stay conscious while your body is essentially asleep and the mind is producing delta waves. It was pretty cool. She's doing it again Thursday night and I am planning to go check it out.

I had one person tell me that I was looking radiant and another tell me I was looking pale. Both know I am fasting, so I am guessing that their opinions of my looks are based more on their own interpretation of fasting rather than any actual way that I looked.

Today is actually just the start of day 5 and I just completed my first Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana, which I performed with salt water. Very cleansing. I still haven't eaten yet today- or drank- as it were.

I spoke with my yoga/naturopath friend about how I was feeling regarding the spiritual stuff. She said the spiritual enlightenment doesn't start to kick in until about day 7. She said from day 5 on or so I should have increased energy and clarity. I will keep you posted. So far I feel fine.

Oops- Day 3

Jan 13, 2009

I forgot to post last night about how day three went. Basically, this is getting easier- I really think the first day was the hardest. I told Hans yesterday that I have the same sort of feeling I have when I'm just on a healthy eating plan. I actually get hungry and then I am satisfied, but I never have that stuffed feeling that I get when we're eating out three meals a day (when we have visitors in town).

Anyway, I do think that this fast has broken me of my eating habits that were just that, habits. Oddly enough, the food I think about eating is all healthy stuff. I don't miss ice cream or cookies or french fries, but I do think that an egg white omelet would me nice, or a nice fish fillet with some steamed veggies. So, I think in that way, going back on regular food will be nice.

Do I feel spiritually enlightened and more one with the universe? No. Maybe a water fast would make me feel that way, or maybe that's just lightheadedness that people think is enlightenment- lol. It could also be that the people who report on feeling that way, already are that way- they are connected to their higher powers and fasting just helps them bring that out.

I'm glad I'm giving this a shot, but I'm not sure it's going to be life-changing. I do think that I will probably start to incorporate fasting into my daily life in that if I have a day where I eat a lot of food, maybe I'll fast the next, to give my body a chance to process all that food. It might be a good thing to do, for instance, the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas, or for two or three days after visitors leave.

I am pretty fired up about healthy eating and exercising when I come off this one, though. I'm just sticking to yoga for now, but I'm looking forward to running again next week.

I taught a yoga class last night and it went alright, no biggies, but I have to work on my confidence. A friend told me that if I need to look at my notebook or something, don't worry about it, just put them in downward facing dog so they can't see you and take a look. I tend to apologize for losing my place,which disrupts the flow. Well, so far so good.