Acroyoga Workshop

Feb 23, 2009

Well, what have I been up to? Since fasting I have gone on a trip to Merida (pictures coming, but hubby took the camera with him to the US for two weeks and I hadn't gotten the photos off of it first). I also saw a few movies and bought a new bikini. Exciting stuff, I know.

I guess the problem is that when I first got here everything was a challenge or was new. Now I just go about my life. There isn't much to comment on. If I need to go to the bank or pay a bill or renew my car's visa or whatever, it's just something I do. It's not like this huge stressor, which I guess is due to my language skills being adequate.

Anyway. I did participate in a very cool acroyoga class taught by my friends Jill and Poncho. Jill is a yoga instructor and Pancho is a circus performer, so they taught us a little combination of acrobatics and yoga. It was extremely cool and very worth the time and money. They are going to try to do it again in a month, so watch the schedule over at Yoga by the Way if you're interested in participating next time.

Here are some photos, none of them are of me. I didn't bring my camera (it was in the US with hubby), but I got some of these from a friend who had posted them on Facebook. If I get some more with me in them I'll post them.


Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

That looks so cool. What a great workout. And the pictures look great. I have had an interest in yoga but have not done anything about it yet. These pics make we want to run out to the first class I can. (even though pics like these would be a long way off)

Michele in Playa said...

Very cool!! Are you and Hans going to be trying some of those moves? ;)

Ritesh said...

Yoga Teacher Training Course is based on the ancient Gurukul training system that insists on integrating the teachings of Yoga into the aspi.

arizona bankruptcy attorney said...

Yoga instructor and Circus performer? Now that is a career combination I had not seen before. Love the pics, by the way.

Familia Valdiviezo said...

Just wanted to say I checked out your blog and I love it...My husband and I moved to Mexico almost a year ago and it is great. He is originally from here. I wish I lived in Cancun, but I am in Chihuahua and nobody speaks english, so I had to learn spanish really fast! Anyways, check out my blog and good luck in paradise!

bathmate said...

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Philipp von Plato ( said...

Dear Sir or Madam,

I really enjoyed reading your fantastic blog.
I like your interesting photos of your Yoga session. Hope nobody got injured.

In case you are not already part of InterNations you are of course invited to join our network of selected members - just let me know and I will send you an invitation.

I am looking forward to your response and would be happy to welcome you to our global expat community.