Acroyoga Workshop

Feb 23, 2009

Well, what have I been up to? Since fasting I have gone on a trip to Merida (pictures coming, but hubby took the camera with him to the US for two weeks and I hadn't gotten the photos off of it first). I also saw a few movies and bought a new bikini. Exciting stuff, I know.

I guess the problem is that when I first got here everything was a challenge or was new. Now I just go about my life. There isn't much to comment on. If I need to go to the bank or pay a bill or renew my car's visa or whatever, it's just something I do. It's not like this huge stressor, which I guess is due to my language skills being adequate.

Anyway. I did participate in a very cool acroyoga class taught by my friends Jill and Poncho. Jill is a yoga instructor and Pancho is a circus performer, so they taught us a little combination of acrobatics and yoga. It was extremely cool and very worth the time and money. They are going to try to do it again in a month, so watch the schedule over at Yoga by the Way if you're interested in participating next time.

Here are some photos, none of them are of me. I didn't bring my camera (it was in the US with hubby), but I got some of these from a friend who had posted them on Facebook. If I get some more with me in them I'll post them.