Oops- Day 3

Jan 13, 2009

I forgot to post last night about how day three went. Basically, this is getting easier- I really think the first day was the hardest. I told Hans yesterday that I have the same sort of feeling I have when I'm just on a healthy eating plan. I actually get hungry and then I am satisfied, but I never have that stuffed feeling that I get when we're eating out three meals a day (when we have visitors in town).

Anyway, I do think that this fast has broken me of my eating habits that were just that, habits. Oddly enough, the food I think about eating is all healthy stuff. I don't miss ice cream or cookies or french fries, but I do think that an egg white omelet would me nice, or a nice fish fillet with some steamed veggies. So, I think in that way, going back on regular food will be nice.

Do I feel spiritually enlightened and more one with the universe? No. Maybe a water fast would make me feel that way, or maybe that's just lightheadedness that people think is enlightenment- lol. It could also be that the people who report on feeling that way, already are that way- they are connected to their higher powers and fasting just helps them bring that out.

I'm glad I'm giving this a shot, but I'm not sure it's going to be life-changing. I do think that I will probably start to incorporate fasting into my daily life in that if I have a day where I eat a lot of food, maybe I'll fast the next, to give my body a chance to process all that food. It might be a good thing to do, for instance, the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas, or for two or three days after visitors leave.

I am pretty fired up about healthy eating and exercising when I come off this one, though. I'm just sticking to yoga for now, but I'm looking forward to running again next week.

I taught a yoga class last night and it went alright, no biggies, but I have to work on my confidence. A friend told me that if I need to look at my notebook or something, don't worry about it, just put them in downward facing dog so they can't see you and take a look. I tend to apologize for losing my place,which disrupts the flow. Well, so far so good.


Magnum said...

When you get back to regular exercise again, don't neglect the fisted push-ups!! :-)

mexpat said...

Rrrawr! I haven't done a fisted push-up since we were doing them together! LOL!

Man... I need to join a gym!