Juice Fast Day 2

Jan 11, 2009

Today went alright. It was supposed to be the hardest day for detox symptoms and I didn't really have any. I would get a little headache when I was hungry, but that's normal for me even when I'm eating food. I think the fact that I had already weened myself off of caffeine and meat really helped with the detox stuff.

The only real thing I ran into today was that I got bored with my produce mixtures and then I basically ran out of produce. I had to make a juice of celery, cucumber and beet, which wasn't my super favorite, but that was all I had. So tonight I made another trip to the store and I bought some more things to change it up. I got some swiss chard, jicama, watermelon and tomatoes.

Tonight we went to a friend's house for dinner. She cooked pasta and salad and they had chocolates for dessert. I drank my juice before I went there, so I just had water. It probably would have been easier if I had just had a nice juice, but it had been the celery, cucumber and beet mixture that was less that enlightening. Socially, fasting is a bit of a bugger, but it's only for the short term. I think I can handle it.

I'm certainly feeling better than I was when we were hosting so many family members and visitors throughout the months of November and December. You can't eat like you're on vacation for 6 weeks and not end up feeling crappy. I think my body just needed a little break from food all the time. However, I was telling Hans this morning that after juicing all these veggies, I'm sure that eating them again will be like heaven! There is something to be said for texture.

Energy-wise I've been alright, but I'm not running or anything high intensity this week. I'm going to stick to yoga and that's about it for activity. I haven't been sleeping more or less than usual, but I do think I'm waking up a little earlier.

I have to teach a yoga class at the studio on Friday night, so I have a mini-class meeting at my apartment tomorrow night so I can practice teaching again. Not looking forward to teaching at the studio- it's a little scary, but they say you have to teach if you want to be a teacher, right? Besides, I can't get my certification if I don't teach one of the studio classes.


Anna said...

1. You'll be great teaching - when you were teaching me I forgot it was Allie and just got on with my yoga - that's a great thing.
2. Well done on the fasting!!!

I'm painting my apartment this week so I can move on to the fun buying furniture part. Also still feeling a bit fluee. Will see what my yoga group are doing re fasting and may do that. You still going for 10 days?

Anna said...

PS Do you feel spaced out/ high at all? Does your breath smell?

mexpat said...

I'm still going for ten days, for sure. On the first day I kept thinking things like "Well, 5 days isn't bad, this is my first fast..." but it's gotten easier.

As for the breath, uh, I can't tell, but I do know that my teeth feel a little furry every now and then and I'm brushing more often. I haven't felt spaced out or high, but I'm getting a lot of nutrients. I think on a water fast I probably would.

On the second day I did see stars if I stood up quickly, but that's gone now.

Anna said...

I also need to know about #2's perhaps not blog material though:)