Day 5 Juice Fast

Jan 14, 2009

Today was day five on the juice fast. Everything is still going smoothly. I have now missed two opportunities to eat cake! Two birthdays in two days, but somehow I'm still living, so I guess it is, indeed, possible to live without chocolate.

This morning I did the salt water intestinal cleanse that was recommended by my yoga/naturopath friend. It was interesting. It certainly works. You drink two liters of salt water and do various yoga postures and before you know it, you have to poo. I started the morning feeling very cleansed...

As for juicing today, same as always. The biggest pain is washing the juicer. And the social implications of a fast- I can't go to dinner with everyone- at least I can't eat with everyone.

Other than that, I received several compliments today about my skin, so I guess it's working it's magic. I am still waiting on the profound spiritual enlightenment, so I'll let you know how that goes.