Day 4 on the Juicey Juice

Jan 14, 2009

Day four was pretty easy. It's getting easier and easier. I had yoga teacher training, so I took about 1/2 liter of juice with me. We had a special yoga teacher come in and lead us through a yoga nidra- or yogic sleep- meditation. Basically, we laid down and she talked us through a very deep meditation, in which it is ok to actually fall asleep. The goal is, through regular practice, to be able to stay conscious while your body is essentially asleep and the mind is producing delta waves. It was pretty cool. She's doing it again Thursday night and I am planning to go check it out.

I had one person tell me that I was looking radiant and another tell me I was looking pale. Both know I am fasting, so I am guessing that their opinions of my looks are based more on their own interpretation of fasting rather than any actual way that I looked.

Today is actually just the start of day 5 and I just completed my first Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana, which I performed with salt water. Very cleansing. I still haven't eaten yet today- or drank- as it were.

I spoke with my yoga/naturopath friend about how I was feeling regarding the spiritual stuff. She said the spiritual enlightenment doesn't start to kick in until about day 7. She said from day 5 on or so I should have increased energy and clarity. I will keep you posted. So far I feel fine.