Big Oops- Day 10 on the old Fast- ONE DAY MORE!

Jan 19, 2009

Days 7-9 went fairly smoothly. Mostly I'm just getting bored with the juice and juice options. I have no idea how people do ten days of lemon juice on the Master Cleanse! I feel like I reached the pinnacle of my fast at day 5. Since then I haven't felt any better or worse, just started to get bored.

I didn't have any huge spiritual realizations or anything. I did discover that I have pretty good willpower since I had to sit through three birthdays with cake, one BBQ with all sorts of food, one homemade pasta dinner, one breakfast at La Cueva del Chango (which is an awesome breakfast place) and a bag of Swiss chocolates brought back from Switzerland by a friend.

Around day 5 I started to think about healthy foods. For this reason, I think it would be a time to stop the next time I do an extended fast. Pushing past that 5th day just made me want to eat whatever food, although I am going to try to eat healthy food from here out.

I do feel lighter and the clothing that was tight post Christmas celebrations is fitting again, so that's a positive. My naturopath friend told me that she was fasting one day a week for a few months after her last fast, so I might give that a shot, too. It's certainly a nice break from eating all the time.

One day more!


1st Mate said...

Well, I'm impressed, you showed so much self-discipline. Maybe you've done a 10-day fast before, but I've never attempted one and it had to have been hard a lot of times especially with friends around eating celebration-type goodies. I bet some steamed veggies and brown rice are going to taste like heaven now.

Johnny said...

La Cueva rings a bell... isn't this restaurant well hidden on a small part of 38th just off Fifth Avenue?

Anna said...

Hey a friend just practiced her Reiki on me to get rid of my chest infection. I have to say, today is the first day in ages that there is a noticeable improvement in my chest/ throat.
BTW, I think you have to combine meditation with fasting for the spiritual enlightenment element:) I think I'm going to do a three day grape fast when I'm feeling better. Still planning on coming over Friday - definitely yoga - but meditation in Spanish might be tough.
Well done though. This is a great testament to your will power. Actually I think will power is an important element of spirituality and that is really the link between fasting and spirituality.
So Friday - margaritas and French Fries?????

mexpat said...

1st Mate- Yes, I'm planning to enjoy some oatmeal with fruit, immensely, this morning!

Johnny- Yes- on 38th between 5th and 1st. Great for breakfast. If you like La Cueva, try Garden of Eating for dinner on 22nd St between 10th and 15th. MmmmmmM!

Anna- Yeah- I probably only meditated 4 or 5 times in the 10 days. I think you need to spend like 2 or 3 hours a day meditating. Also, the lightheadedness that comes from water fasting probably helps with the spiritual stuff. LOL!

Ufff, french fries. I'm glad the reike worked! Looking forward to seeing you Friday. We could do dinner then yoga or yoga then dinner and skip meditation that night.

Nancy said...

I think you lost so much weight you dried up and blew away....

How are things?