Magnum: Professional Wrestler and Friend

Dec 4, 2008

When I lived in NJ I used to work out with my friend Grant Hansen. He's a great personal trainer and an all around cool guy. He always hosts a cool Christmas party and even owns his own karaoke machine!

Anyway, the other day I got an email announcing an upcoming cage fight between Freak Nasty and Magnum. Grant has always been into professional wrestling- he even knows the plots! So it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise to learn that Grant is now doing his own wrestling as Magnum! If you've never watched much WWF (like I haven't), you might not know that it's sort of like a soap opera- there are story lines that affect the wrestling matches.

Then I got some pictures in my email and he had even more on his Facebook page. I am so impressed with him for doing this that I just gotta share. Check out how fabulous he is as Magnum! I feel so cool to know such a rock star!

Oh- and he won his cage match.... perhaps Freak Nasty will have to come for vengeance or who knows... more will be revealed as the plot thickens!


Magnum said...

Hey, thanks for the props!! Also check out