The Almost-One-Year Anniversary

Dec 16, 2008

Well, it's been almost one year since we moved to Mexico and what have I learned? A lot, to be sure. I've learned things about Mexican culture that I had no idea about, I've met new people, I've had an adventure. I've learned that I miss old friends from home and that it takes time and patience to meet new friends that are going to one day be old friends. I've learned that if I stop keeping up with my spiritual practices- praying and meditating as well as journaling- I start to feel loopy and disconnected.

I guess the overwhelming thing about coming up on one year here for me is that I realize how much stuff is no longer new and different here. When we got here, simple every day tasks were hard or scary. Now I hardly notice when I go pay bills (except for the pain in the butt of going to the Oxxo or the actual phone company). In fact, the sort of things I do note don't even make it onto the blog because they've been judged mundane by me.

For instance, yesterday I accomplished a lot more in Spanish than I could have dreamed of when we got here one year ago. I went to a bank and got two checks that had been written to me cashed without incident and on the first try. Then I went to a print shop and ordered 2000 4 color brochures to be printed off-set and even selected the paper weight and navigated the deposit process. This would have been a very big deal even 6 months ago, but all it amounted to (before this blog post) was a casual mention of the fact that I got the checks cashed without incident this morning on my run with Solomon.

I even have a couple of acquaintances that don't speak good English, so I relate to them in Spanish. Of course, most of my friends are English-speaking, even if that's not their first language, it is still the language that unites the most people here.

I guess I need to go on some trips, see something new. Once yoga teacher training is over I intend to make some plans to see various places in Mexico, like Mexico City, Chiapas, Mazatlan... you name it.

We've signed on for another year at our apartment and Hans has bought an underwater scooter. Tonight he is going to talk with Bill Phillips about assisting on some cave surveying, which was one of his goals for living here. I've been diving less, but that could be due to the fact that I've been working a lot and yoga-ing a lot.

I guess that's it for this somewhat meaning-less post! Just to say that we're coming up on a year and I guess I've just had less to blog about! Ahhh, well. Maybe I should break out the camera and start posting random photos from every day. I dunno. New Year's Resolution this year is to get fired up again- fired up about meditation and prayer, job, life, love, you name it. Vrooom. FIRE IT UP, BABY!


Michele in Playa said...

Happy one year anniversary!! We just passed our four year mark. Most transplants don't make it this long. It makes it hard to make friends knowing that very likley they will soon be long gone. Congrats to you and Hans for sticking it out. Playa life is NOT for everyone!

Johnny said...

After two fun weeks spent in Playa and Coz last month, I have started taking learn-at-home Spanish lessons for my return in April. I'm a little discouraged by your statement that you've been living there for a year and just starting to be comfortable speaking it though :)

For me the main goal will be to communicate good enough to use basic services (restaurants, collectivo, laundry)

mexpat said...

Hey Michele- yeah, lots of people only make it a couple months here, so I figure one year is an accomplishment! After 4 years here, I'd say you guys are good for as long as you envision yourselves here! Recently I've met some people who are here for 20+ years!

Johnny- I studied Spanish for 17 years before moving here, so I was comfortable speaking it when I arrived. I'm just still impressed with the fact that I can get intricacies correct now- like special ordering brochures. The bank thing was another thing all together... if you move to Mexico you'll understand about the "one the first try and without incident" thing... LOL.