Yoga Teacher Training Taking Up All My Time!

Nov 19, 2008

Well, I was gently needled by my pal Grant to update this site! Sorry I dropped the ball there for a while, I've been just going with the flow here. Actually, I haven't been doing much of interest here lately just because I've been going to Yoga teacher training twice a week for 4 hours each pop, plus regular yoga classes (we have to take them and write down the order of the postures our teacher leads as a study in Technique). It takes up quite a bit of my time, especially since, for whatever reason, it seems to be gray or cold on Sundays lately, so there goes my beach day. I am learning a lot and I do really dig the classes, but I used to have a nice balance between my personal yoga practice and my life. It seems like now it's more about yoga and less about life!

I also decided that it was time to add a third language to my head, so I've been taking German lessons three times a week. That's just for fun and because I really like languages. So far I've only taken a couple weeks of German, but I can make simple sentences about myself and others. I can even say "I give the glass to you" which involves the fancy use of "dir" instead of "du" for "you." It was between French and German for my third language and, ultimately, I picked German because I didn't want to mess up my Spanish (French and Spanish are very close) and my friend, who is a language teacher, is actually German, so it would be her first language she would be teaching me rather than one she learned. It's been cool. Tonight we're going to Manne's Biergarten for our lesson and I'll be ordering my food from Manne in German! Woot! Looking forward to planning a trip to visit Cat in Berlin!

My parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece are coming to visit next week. They'll be here for a little less than a week. I'm really looking forward to their visit! My sis and bro-in-law will be staying with us and my parents will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express Playacar, which happens to have exceptional handicap accessibile rooms. Mexico can be tough in a wheelchair, but at least my mom can roll into the shower and then plop into bed at the end of the day! She says that the Holiday Inn Express Playacar has better accessibility than some hotels in the states!

Of course, I'll be missing some of my yoga teacher training while they're in town, but it's ok. I'll be able to make it up later. This week we've been studying Patanjali's 8 fold path and memorizing the muscles of the body for a quiz we have on Saturday.

I've also picked up a little bit of work here. I'm designing a brochure for a new development that is being built in Chetumal. There are so many oportunities here and it really does seem like if you have initiative you can make money. For instance, in the US I would never dream of opening a store and being successful. Here it seems like "if you open it, they will come." And of course, there's lots of design work to be done for all these places that are opening.

Other news: We went to see the new James Bond movie the other day. I think the last time I saw a James Bond movie was like 1996 or something and I'm pretty sure it was an old one on TV. Consequently, I didn't know that the new one is actually a sequel to the last one. It essentially didn't have any plot that I could really discern. Just action sequence after explosion sequence after fight scene. Add to it that Daniel Craig is the male version of a Butterface ("...she's cute, but her face...") and, honestly, if his face is going to be so broken, he should spend less time wearing a shirt! Plus, what about that signature line??? It wasn't my favorite movie. Ahh well, Crepúsculo (or Twilight) is coming out soon here.

Speaking of Vampire Addictions, I have discovered Diesel eBooks where I can download and read any book I want without waiting, ahhh, I love push button technology! Thanks to Diesel, I have now read 7 of the 8 books in the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series. I can't believe I got so thorougly sucked in to these easy reads, but they're pretty entertaining. They're the books that True Blood is based on. I've also kept up to date on True Blood by watching the episodes online. If you thing Vampire Bill is cute, you should also check out Ny-Lon (New York - London) where he plays a British banker who falls in love with an American girl. He's very cute with his little accent. As Anna would say, Bless.