Yoga and more Yoga

Oct 15, 2008

I haven't been partaking in anything extraordinary lately. I've been doing my yoga teacher training, so that takes up quite a bit of time. We go twice a week for 4 hours and are also supposed to do 5 or so yoga classes a week with our teacher so we can experience her teaching techniques. It's really pretty cool. I've been learning a lot about different styles of yoga and what goes in to being a good teacher. There's a very cool spiritual side to yoga that isn't often clearly explained in your regular yoga class- they'll usually say something like "Open your heart" or "Make this a mindful practice" but they don't really go into what they mean. I've enjoyed learning about the ways that other people experience the spiritual side of things.

October has been VERY rainy here. The last three times I made plans to go to the beach it was nasty and rainy all day. I think we had something like 8 rainy days in a row a week or two ago. I would hate for that to be my vacation here. But I see the tourists on the 5th smiling in their ponchos. I guess vacation is more than just sunny weather- they're doing the best with what they've got! It's funny, we never thought twice about coming down in October, but then we were always going on diving vacations and you can dive if it's overcast.

Hans has started some very organized exploration over at the Pit, an extremely deep cenote and cave system a little south of here. He has been working with three other guys to devise a rescue system to haul an unconscious diver out of the cenote (which has a large drop to the water- like 30 or 40 feet). Today he is going out there with a vertical rescue expert to review the pulley and harness system they set up over the weekend. This type of diving is pretty intense. It requires tons of planning, including running drills to practice worse case scenarios. It looks like we'll be in Mexico for another year at least so Hans can complete some goals he has set.

Yesterday I was talking to a girl in my yoga class who is a naturopath and massage therapist. Her husband is in real estate and they have two children. They're able to have a nanny who comes 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. What a major luxury! In the US, people in those fields most likely could not afford a nanny. It's funny to think how hard you have to bust your butt for a nice standard of living in the US. Of course, lots of people bust their butts for a much lower standard of living here- for instance- her nanny has 6 of her own children that she leaves at home. I guess that's the life of a nanny, though.


kumichan83 said...

Hi, your blog was recommended to me by my google reader. I hope you don't mind if I comment...

I just wanted to say something about the nanny thing. I know in the states you have to be pretty wealthy to afford a nanny. I could never dream of having a nanny in my home country but here in Ecuador, I can afford it. I think that someone who works in a field that pays less doesn't necessarily bust their ass less than someone in a higher paying field in the states. Affording a nanny is a perk of living in a poor country, sure, but you also bust your ass wondering what tomorrow brings in an unstable economy full of uncertainty. I am worried about living in Ecuador because the president is a typical Chavez-like figure and things look like they are heading in a downward spiral.
Anyway, my point is, I think that people in lower paying fields in the states can't afford nannies but it doesn't mean they don't work their asses off to get what they do have. I realize I am spoiled for having a nanny and that it is only possible because I am here but I also realize that I am sacrificing a lot of other things to be here.

mexpat said...

Hi Kumichan,

Thanks for stopping by my blog- I spent a while reading yours today, too! :)

I was trying to say that in the US you bust your butt and that affords you so much less than that level of butt-busting would earn you here. But then I thought that a maid in the US probably busts her butt as hard as a maid here and she probably still has a better standard of living in the US (even if it's poor by US standards). I guess what I am trying to say is that I could never afford a nanny in the US as a designer, but here it's attainable, even normal, for someone with my job to have one.

I guess I better go round up some kids to have nannied! ;)

mexpat said...

Oh- and I also meant to add that in Playa del Carmen, there isn't SO much sacrificing going on... there are lots of foreigners. I've been told on numerous occasions that "It's not Mexico here." Plus, I feel that Mexico is pretty stable as far as Latin American countries go.

kumichan83 said...

Okay, I understand what you mean now :)
All this talk of butt busting is making me feel tired :D

Mexico definitely has its problems but I'd say it's much more developed and stable than Ecuador.

btw I saw that you do blog design. I like your style, particularly on the Playa Eats blog. I would like to know how much your rates are to design something similar but with an Ecuadorian theme for Wordpress. I will probably get started with it in a couple months or so but I will be emailing you soon! :)