File Under: More Problems I Never Imagined

Sep 17, 2008

A few weeks ago I had a terrifying experience. I was sitting on my deck in the morning, reading a vampire book, when I felt this strange creepy crawly, tickling sensation on my right elbow. I looked down and it was completely covered with these little white bugs, about the size of half (or even a quarter?) of a sesame seed. They were football shaped and there had to be hundreds of them on my arm. They weren't biting me, but they grossed me out immediately, so I freaked out and brushed them off my arm.

The next day, during the morning, I was sitting on my couch reading a vampire book (you see a theme here?) when the same thing happened. Same arm, same bugs.

The next day I was sitting at my desk reading the news in the morning when the same freaking thing happened, same arm, same bugs.

I started to think that I had scabies or something revolting (which was interesting because it wasn't affecting my husband whom I share a bed with). They weren't biting me and I couldn't see them anywhere else except on my arm. As soon as I brushed them off, they were gone!

I searched online and the closest thing I could find to it was some sort of disorder where people imagine there are bugs on them. Great. So I was either infested with some nasty, minuscule bugs or I was crazy.

The next time it happened, I called my husband over to witness it for himself. He saw the bugs, too, which meant (possibly) that I wasn't crazy and that this was happening. But why was it only happening to me and always on my right elbow and always in the morning?

Well. Flash forward to when I got back from Jersey (where I was magically cured of this weird phenomenon) and I went to pick up Chico from the kennel. The guy who runs the kennel told me that they had had to throw out Chico's food because it was infested with these weird white bugs.

A ha! It turns out that I am the one who most regularly feeds Chico, particularly in the morning since I'm an early riser. Every morning I would stick my arm into dog food bag (Beneful, if you want to avoid this happening to you) up to about my elbow and scoop out a cup of the stuff for Chico. Ew. In that 1 second, about 1000 nasty little bugs were crawling from the bag to my arm.

I don't even want to know how many of them Chico ate. Ugh. I see a trip to the vet and a poop review in his future.

File this under problems I never thought I would have before I moved to Mexico. I guess it's something about the nice warm weather that lets bugs breed like crazy. I had heard it before, but I never really took it to heart. I guess I have to second the opinion of many of my fellow Expat bloggers- if you don't like bugs, don't move to Mexico!


Ale said...

heh funny you say that, I've never seen so many bugs in my life until I moved to North Carolina!!! I totally believe it is the humidity in the air.

Anna said...

Disgusting! Still I'm learning to fight roaches over here.

Gary Denness said...

Bugs - you gotta love 'em! The one that I get here in the city sometimes is the Carra De Nino....horrible little beastie!We have a couple of Black Widows in the yard too, but I don't mind them so much anymore!