Gael García Bernal (otherwise known as "El Guapo") in a New Film

Aug 29, 2008

I have a slight obsession with Gael García Bernal. When I lived in the US and had NetFlix, I watched all the films they offered with him in the cast. There's something about him that is just super-sexy. Plus, he's a really good actor, and, like Johnny Depp, he tends to select films that have a greater message or challenge him as an actor. He's also a pretty outspoken liberal here in Mexico. All of this adds up to YUM in my book. If you're not on board yet, just take a look at him in Pedro Almodovar's Mala Educación, he's a serious taco de ojo in that one, just disregard the parts where he's playing a transvestite.

Anyway. Since I have this obsession and all, I knew that he was slated to appear in a new film that he's directing called Déficit. Yesterday I looked at the listings for the local theaters, because we've been waiting and waiting to see Tropic Thunder, and there it was! Déficit is playing starting tonight (so is Tropic Thunder).

I definitely want to go see this one! It's been a while since I saw a movie in the theater in Spanish without subtitles, and that experience was pretty good. From looking at the trailer, I think I'll be alright. Sometimes the slang gets lost on me and sometimes the jokes go over my head, but I usually get enough to enjoy the movie and understand what's happening. That is, if I can concentrate on what he's saying! mmmm.

I'm really looking forward to this film because it's also supposed to be about class differences in Mexico. I learned a lot about Mexico from watching some of his other films, like Amores Perros and Y Tu Mamá También. The second one, in particular, touches on the differences in class in Mexico and life in Mexico City.

But mostly, I just like movies with El Guapo in them. By the way, he's done a couple in English and he even played an American in The King, which wasn't that good of a movie, but it was interesting to hear his accent being near perfect. There was something about his cadence that wasn't exactly right, but very, very close. Much closer than Antonio Banderas could ever hope to come. I was pretty impressed with the fact that they didn't change the script to allow for his accent like they did in 10 Things I Hate About You, where they had to qualify that Heath Ledger's character had lived in Australia to account for his inability to master the American accent at that time. Anyway, I digress.

I highly recommend you check out Gael García Bernal if you haven't already, but I will warn you that his movies aren't for children and can deal with difficult or controversial topics.


1st Mate said...

And then there's the one about the motorcycle trip, where he played the young Che Guevara. And the priest's story. I can never remember the titles, but they were both great. Yeah, I have to admit, he's even more appealing than Banderas. I'll have to watch for the flicks you mentioned.

mexpat said...

El Crimen del Padre Amarro and The Motorcycle Diaries. I particularly liked the one where he played the priest and he was SO HOT in that one! Man! Smokin'!

Mamacita Chilena said...

*DROOL. That is all I have to say.

Ale said...

Just this morning I was watching the science of sleep.
I don't know, I cant deny he is handsome but there is something about having seen him when he was a kid in that soap opera that makes me feel so... old!!!!
what was the name of that soapie? mmm el abuelo y yo I guess... maybe you can check it out on youtube!

Fned said...

THAT was Gael GB in "El Abuelo y Yo"???? Man!!! That's the one with the blond girl from "Carrusel", right?

Anyway, yeah mexpat, I agree with you, the guy is a total hottie and I liked most of his movies ("El padre amaro" kinda bored me but "y tu mama también" is like, a classic!!) Hadn't heard about "Deficit" but will definitely be checking it out when it comes out here.


Steve Cotton said...

OK. I see where the line is in this discussion, and I am on the wrong side. I have never been impressed with his acting. Too many wide-eyed, teeth-clenched, sweeping hand gestures for my taste. But I am missing the entire point. Right? No one is really talking about whether this kid is the next Larry Olivier.

mexpat said...

Who? I'll have to Google him.

mexpat said...

Oh- got it- Lawrence Olivier. Yeah, that was a little before my time! LOL! I think I did see him play Othello once when we had to watch it in HS English class!