A Beachy Weekend

Aug 4, 2008

I try to go to the beach at least one day a week here, after all, if I'm not going to the beach, then why do I live here? This weekend I went twice.

On Saturday I went with Hans and Solomon and our dogs to a little beach south of Puerto Morelos. It's not the nicest of beaches, but we can take our dogs on it and it's closer than Tulum, so it was a winner. It's a rocky beach, so we didn't do much swimming.

The boys (all 4 of them) investigate a Trigger Fish that was swimming in the shallows. We weren't sure if he was stuck. He kept swimming in close. Ultimately, we decided that he was just swimming close to shore.

On Sunday I joined my friend Simone and her 2 year old son, Kay (pronounced Kai) at the beach in Puerto Aventuras. I had never been to that beach, so I didn't know what to expect. Boy, was it nice! It's a lagoon, so there are no waves and the sand is powdery. It's the perfect place to take children.

It's impossible to say 'no' to this little guy. He is so cute.

It's almost like the baby pool! The water gets deeper very gradually and there are no waves. You can see schools of little fishies. Kay was able to just walk into the ocean whenever he wanted because he was wearing the water wings and we were sitting right there watching him. This little guy is not afraid of the water at all.

Sometimes we short people have to take photos to prove we're taller than someone else. See, I am just towering over this kid! LOL.


Mamacita Chilena said...

That kid looks eerily like my little brother when he was that age. Weird!

Hey, I want to email you a question but couldn't find contact info on your page. Can you email me at kylehepp@gmail.com when you get the chance?


YayaOrchid said...

What an awesome place and the beaches are so beautiful! Your little friend is EXTREMELY cute!!

CancunCanuck said...

Lovely weekend, thanks for sharing! We should arrange for you to meet us in Puerto Morelos some weekend, would be great to have a face to face and some fun in the sun!

mexpat said...

Thanks Yaya! I made sure to post lots of pics for you! :)

Canucka- Yeah, we should meet up in PM. There's a new taco stand there that I want to try that is owned by another Latin American blogger, too!

Steve Cotton said...

The beach. My sole reason for staying close to the coast -- even with the heat and humidity.

RiverGirl said...

I know both of those beaches. The one in Pto Aventuras is really sweet, isn't it?

There's also a dog-friendly beach north of Pto Morelos, you need to drive through town to the north and then look for a place to get to the beach. Once you are clear of town I think you are free to have your dogs there. And that beach is big and wide, not rocky like the one down by El Cid.

Fned said...

It's when I look at pics like yours that I wonder what tha heck I'm still doing here!!! LOL

Great way to spend the week-end girl!


mexpat said...

Steve- that's my general philosophy... I live here, I better use it!

River Girl- Going north of PM might also spare us that awkward part where you have to drive through the shanty town of construction workers there to build El Cid or the other one next to it. That was really interesting!

Fned- you're always welcome to come back to old Mexico!!!