Back Home Safe in Mexico

Aug 26, 2008

I just got back from a really nice trip to visit family in North Carolina. I love going back to NC! I guess it has to do with not having lived there in the last 8 years, but I love the people, I love the weather, I love how clean the cities are. I promised pictures, so here are some of them!

This time the whole family gathered to celebrate my cousin Lee's wedding. We had a great time and Lee and Jennifer got married without a hitch. The rehearsal dinner and reception had a decidedly Southern theme, with delicious southern/soul food. They got married in Salisbury, NC, one of the main cities in the Confederacy, so there was plenty of history and beautiful architecture. Plus, Salisbury is the home of Cheerwine Cherry Soda (a regional favorite), so they served Cheerwine, Diet Cheerwine, and various Scuppernong and muscadine wines along with sweet tea at the rehearsal dinner.

I got to spend time with my favorite niece, Lexie. She was a flower girl in the wedding and was exceptionally excited that the other flower girl would be her cousin when Lee and Jennifer were finally married.

We spent the afternoon at a very cool park in Salisbury that had a carousel, a train, a petting zoo and a playground (and more things that we didn't even see or do)! Of course, Lexie had to ride her favorite (the carousel) and she got to ride the train with Daddy Mack, her grandpa.

I got some time to hang out with my sister and do a self-led tour of Salisbury. We discovered a few funny signs around town. My mom was mad we didn't take any pictures of the old mansions, but I waged that you've seen a big mansion. I'm not sure you've seen a sign like this one we found on a house that was evidently being restored to it's glory from it's former use... Can you guess what it was?

And this is not the store you shop in when you want to look fantastic, just when you want to look "not bald."

One of the things I like the most about weddings is getting to dance with my dad! I was an avid swing dancer around 2000-2003, and my dad even took swing lessons. But our love of dancing goes back further than that, my dad used to love to Shag Dance in the 60's and he taught me and my sister. It's a form of swing that was developed at the NC and SC beaches in the 50's and 60's, but was really big in the 60's. Any southern wedding plays plenty of shag songs, since pretty much anyone from the south who is a baby boomer knows how to dance to it. We had to dance to 'My Girl' by the Temptations when they played it, since it was the song we danced to at my wedding.

We also enjoyed watching all the kids dance together!

After the wedding, we all headed up to Blowing Rock, NC, where my parents have a vacation home that they had recently redone. They basically tore it down to the foundation and started again, so it doesn't look anything like the old cabin! The new and improved cabin is now 100% handicap accessible, and much better than their first attempt at converting a traditional home to a universal one. They will most likely be selling their Charlotte home in the future and living in Blowing Rock full time.

I had forgotten how beautiful the NC mountain are! I hadn't been there in God knows how long, and it was great to see some familiar places as well as the changes that had happened since I was in college there. I snapped some pictures of the mountains to show Hans, who commented that they looked just like the photos we snapped of Veracruz, minus the orange orchards!

I'm back safe and sound. I really enjoyed my week of semi-retirement (I say semi because I knew I had to come back to work). My parents offered for us to stay at their mountain house next summer, an offer which is more and more appealing the more I sweat in the heat and humidity here. Two months in the NC mountains sounds like a nice way to spend the summer if you can have beach any time you want it all year round.


YayaOrchid said...

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Glad you got to spend some time with your loved ones. Isn't it funny though, how now matter where, what race or culture, humans celebrate weddings in much the same way, with music and dance. I marvel at my Lord and creator... what an awesome and evident blueprint of his creation!

Ale said...

Ah, North Carolina!!! I miss it already!!! I got married in the Outer Banks!!! I want to go back! waah!