Solidaridad's Quinceanera

Jul 29, 2008

Yesterday was the 15th Anniversary of the Municipalidad of Solidaridad. One of my friends is here completing her research for her masters thesis on the effects of tourism on local populations and has been studying Playa del Carmen in the last 15 years by interviewing people from the government and all walks of life. It was important for her research to go hear what the municipal president had to say and also to pick up the magazine that they created for the event. Since I'm always game to do anything different, I tagged along.

We got there early and got a good seat in the middle of the audience. The stage was pretty impressive. We had watched them building it over the last couple days and I think it ended up looking very sophisticated! This was quite a big night for many of the locals, who came out dressed up for the event.

After a few songs played by a large band, there were various speeches from local government officials. They then played a nicely-made movie about the history of Playa del Carmen which included lots of pictures of Playa then and now. I wasn't lucky enough to have seen Playa 15 years ago, but the pictures reminded me of Punta Allen- that's a lot of growth in 15 years!

After the speeches and movie ended, there were fireworks over the municipal palace and then we all turned our seats to face the another stage for the rock concert. The artist was a Venezuelan singer that I didn't know. We stayed for the first couple songs, but the picture above shows what we could see on the stage, so we got a little bored (plus the music was sort of cheesy), so we left.

I would say on a scale of 1-10 for interesting things to do, this fell at about a 3 or 4, but it's nice to know what's going on in the community. I did learn that the current municipal president is the first one to be a native Playense, which is pretty cool.

¡Felicitaciones Solidaridad!


Mamacita Chilena said...

Haha, those sort of things are always a little boring. But it's cool that you learned a few fun facts about your town.

Weird that they've never had a native Playense before!