Guayas: A Very Interesting Fruit

Jul 1, 2008

Ever since I found the Guaya, Handmade Goodies blog I've been wanting to try a guaya. Since Jordana said it's guaya time, I decided to head over to the main square here in Playa del Carmen and see if the fruit ladies were selling any. Whadaya know, they were!

I bought the bunch you see at top for $15 pesos (roughly $1.50 US) and asked the lady to show me how to eat one. Basically, you stick a fingernail into the side of the guaya and the skin cracks open. The skin is thin, but tough and almost looks like a lime skin, but there's no thick, white part to it.

So you crack it open and it reveals this little orangish-pinkish colored fruit. It reminds me a lot of the process you use when eating a lychee berrie, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if guayas are remotely related to the lychee.

Then you squeeze the pinky-orangy fruit into your mouth, much like a scuppernong (for my Southern readers). Sorry Northern readers, I can't think of anything similar except a lychee.

The fruit is probably 80% seed. There's huge seed inside that is white. The flavor isn't like anything I've ever tasted, really. It's sort of bitter sweet, or sweet and sour. I can't relate it to anything really, except maybe a SweetTart, but not as sweet.

The flesh is very stringy and the whole thing isn't really juicy or anything. It's sort of hard to separate the flesh from the seed, so I decided just to sort of suck the flavor off of it and just bite a little at the flesh. It's not the sort of fruit that will fill you up, it's more like a snack you would eat for the flavor- like candy.

Hubby thinks it's an acquired taste and he hasn't acquired it yet. I think I acquired it by the second one I tasted. I don't know if I'll run out and buy them every week, but they're pretty tasty and I'm glad I gave it a shot. Yet another cool, Mexican fruit.


Fned said...

I've never tasted pitayas but guayas I LOVE!!! When I lived in Mérida my friends and I would buy WHOLE bags of guayas, crack them open leaving half the skin on so we could hold them while we dipped them in "chile piquín". Then we'd pop them in our mouths..... hmmmmmmmmm.... my mouth is watering just remembering that.

I'd never tasted lychees until I came to France. I have to admit they kind of grossed me out at first sight... that pale white flesh with a dark brown seed just simply didn't look too apetizing.

Goes to show how interesting it is to discover the fruits of different countries.

mexpat said...

That's funny- I was eating them the other day and thinking that they're so good, but that they'd be horrible dipped in chile. Then i thought, "I bet people dip them in chili." Now you've answered it! :)

By the way- I saw lychees here yesterday in the super!

guaya said...

My mouth is watering!!! mmm guaya con chile. ja ja ja
Thanks for the link to my blog.

Anonymous said...

OK, if anyone ever finds these in the states... Please let me know! These are delicious!

Anonymous said...

This fruit is also found in Puerto Rico. They call them kenepas

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's spelled quenepas

Joshua Jimenez said...

This fruit only can be found on Tropical Weather. It is delicious one. Be careful with the seed not swallow them some people has died for it.

Miguel ochoa mora said...

Looking for guayas in Portland Oregon USA pls help me

Unknown said...

I heard they are good for cancer.

Unknown said...

I heard they are good for cancer.