Fun with Spanish

Jul 12, 2008

Hubby has been learning Spanish and recently he made two funny mistakes that have been coming up as inside jokes again and again:

Speaking to the mechanic who changed our oil, trying to ask him how much it cost:
"Cuanto pesas? Cuanto cuestas?"
Translation: "How much do you weigh? How much do you cost?"
He just got a funny look from the mechanic.

Upon seeing our new neighbor, a full grown Mexican man, cowering behind his door, looking at our dog with eyes as big as dinner dishes, Hans tried to tell him that Chico doesn't do anything (no le hace nada):
"No sé nada! No muerde!"
Translation: "I don't know anything! He doesn't bite!"

I'm sure that between the two of us we've caused quite a bit of entertainment with our errors. Here are a couple I have made:

When trying to explain why I didn't want to make empanada wrappers from scratch:
"No tengo mantequilla ni arena."
Translation: "I don't have butter or sand."
I meant harina- flour

When working on commands:
"Sientate y sientete!"
Tanslation: "Sit down and touch yourself!"
Pehaps this more useful than it appears... lol.


CancunCanuck said...

Oh man, I keep giggling about the mechanic one. Oops, there I go again, laughing out loud. Can't wait to tell Hubby that one, maybe he'll leave me alone for a while, lol!

And hey, if it had been me I may have come out with "no tengo manzanilla ni arena" (no chamomile, no sand). Manzanilla/mantequilla used to get me all twisted. :) said...

I will never live down the culo/cola mistake I made in conversation with a very conservative lady. Sometimes it still wakes me up in the middle of the night.

And then there was the "quiero hombre" instead of "tengo hambre" thing years ago. Ay, Dios mio.

YayaOrchid said...

All you guys had me cracking up! Fortunately, nothing TOO bad was said, :)

Ale said...

hehehe the mechanic one was funny!
Some people are afraid of trying to learn and speak another language because they are afraid people will laugh at them.. the truth is, people usually don't. I have my good share of funky stuff that I've said that made my husband go huh??? but hey, that is the beauty of learning a new language!!!

mexpat said...

Oh Man- Culo/Cola! WOW! LOL!

Well, hubby is nothing if not persistent. Yesterday he went to to bolt store to buy some bolts. The guy showed him one set, then put them away and showed him another set. Hubby wanted the first set, so he said:

"Tiene prima tornillo?"
Translation: Do you have a girl cousin bolt?

Then when they guy didn't know what they heck he was talking about, he tried to say he wanted all the bolts he had been shown. So he added:

"Deseo todo."
Translation: I desire everything!

We told him it's best to leave anything starting with "Desire" and involving girl cousins in the bedroom! LOL!

Jeff said...

Making a full of yourself, in my opinion, is a necessary part of learning a new language. I have made plenty of mistakes like these while learning Spanish, and now Portuguese. It's always fun to see people's reactions (as well as your own) to what you're saying. Realizing your mistakes is difficult but you then learn several new things about the language in the process.

I remember one time in Spain I wanted to pay for a friend's dinner, so I said "no te preocupes, te pegare" (don't worry, I will hit you) instead of "no te preocupes, te pagare" (don't worry, I will pay for you). That certainly got quite a few laughs!

Anonymous said...

yo odio los mexicanos sucios especialmente espaldas mojadas !!!