Cozumel has nice Blow Holes!

Jul 10, 2008

By now you're probably thinking that I never work, but really, I only take time off and traipse around Mexico while I have people visiting. Since yesterday was my mother-in-law's last full day in Mexico, we decided to take a trip over to Cozumel to do a little shopping and sight-seeing.

The main town in Cozumel, San Miguel, is nice enough, but not necessarily worth spending a whole day there. A little Zócalo (plaza) sits at the end of the dock where the Ferry from Playa del Carmen stops which is surrounded by stores and booths that are selling trinkets and souvenirs. We walked around the square and then headed south along the Malecón (waterfront walkway). There we found much of the same: t-shirt shops, tequila stores, silver stores and cigar shops.

After a nice lunch at Las Palmeras Restaurant, which was surprising because it's at the end of the ferry dock and I thought it would be a tourist trap, we rented a Jeep so we could drive around the island.

It has been a long time since I have seen the "wild" side of the island. We always came to Cozumel for the reef diving and seldom had time to venture to the other side. Actually, who am I kidding? We just wanted to be lazy and relax by the pool drinking margaritas on our last day in town!

The beaches on the wild side seem to alternate between sandy stretches and rocky stretches. There are a few beach bars and one hotel, plus a bunch of cabañas at a surfing lodge.

As we were driving we noticed a stretch of rocky coast that had several blow holes, naturally, we had to stop and check them out.

The air was blowing out and being sucked back in with a great deal of force. You can't really tell from the video, but the sound of the ocean breathing was overwhelming. It was so cool, I had to stick my hand in one to feel the force of the suction.

After our blow hole experience we headed further south to the Reggae Bar for a drink and then back up to San Miguel just in time to catch the ferry home.


YayaOrchid said...

That is so cool! Thank you for sharing the video. At first, it looks like maybe steam gushing out of the holes. I would have been afraid to feel them being hot. You are so lucky to live among so much beauty!

mexpat said...

Thanks Yaya- I definitely remember regularly how lucky I am to get to live here at this point in my life. I felt the same when I lived in the Colorado Rockies for 9 months when I was 18.

The blow holes were more refreshing than hot! It's amazing how strong the suction can be when the waves are going out!

deborah said...

hey! after living for 3 years in cozumel - now almost 2 in playa - i have to tell you that the next time you go to cozumel, you HAVE to eat lunch at la choza. when getting off the ferry, its to your right on rosada salas and 10 ave. it is absolutely the best family run, authentic yucatecan restaurant on the island. they have a wonderful selection of comida corrida - daily specials - for around 50 pesos and it always has many locals, as well as tourists! you get chips and a delicious dip, a choice of soup, a choice of main entree, and choice of jamaica, tamarindo, or orchata. i'm sad to say you did fall into the tourist trap of las palmas! once you've discovered la choza, you'll never want to eat anywhere else! i have to go for lunch every time i go over to coz!

mexpat said...

Hi Deborah,

Yes we've eaten at La Choza several times in all our years of diving and visiting in Coz. We hadn't eaten at Las palmas, can you believe that? (Of course, I've never been in Carlos n' Charlies, either...) Other favorites are La Lobsteria (it has a new name now) and Especias. mmmmm....

beachin77 said...

you've never been to carlos n charlies?!? well, i guess i find that unusual since i was always there! my boyfriend was one of the managers there - so it was my hangout. great place to people watch - one of my favorite activities!

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