Soy Adicta

Jun 27, 2008

The other night we were returning our painfully overdue copy of the latest season of West Wing (seriously, I don't know why we don't just buy the damn thing) when a T.V. series that I've never seen caught my eye. Right there next to all the other American series was Sexo y Otros Secretos or S.O.S. It looked cute and it was in Spanish, so I thought "Why not!?!"

Last night I watched something like 6 or 7 episodes. It's like Sex and the City only the city is Mexico City and the Sex is more implied rather than giving us gratuitous boob shots as proof that it's happening. I'll admit some of the actors over-act a little bit, and I was left occasionally wondering if the way these ladies freak out about normal stuff is the way that Mexican women want to be portrayed (or if that's the way that Mexican men think Mexican women really are). I haven't met any groups of Mexican women who squeal and make as much noise as these ladies do in real life, but you know, suspend disbelief. Once I was able to let go (really it's only Sofia's character who is a little loony- I think she needs lithium or something) I really started enjoying it.

It's about 5 women who are in their 30's and/or 40's and each has a different thing happening in their sex life. They're all good friends and when they need each other they'll send SOS text messages to each other and then they all come together to offer sisterly support. These emergencies happen about once an episode.

Between the 5 women (and the episodes I've seen so far) they cover topics like: long time husband caught cheating, said husband cheating with good friend on separate occasion, teenage pregnancy, teenage sexual activity, being the 'other woman' whilst dating your boss, going into business with said boss' real wife, insane sexual promiscuity with fear of commitment in a 40+ year old woman, how to avoid your insane boss who is in love with you, raising a baby with your husband and dealing with leaving your job as a lawyer, and dating again whilst having a teenage daughter who is starting to be sexually active.

The show didn't come with subtitles, so I did a bit of a "sigh–what did I get myself into," but I found that I am able to follow along pretty well. I probably miss a sentence or so of every conversation, but I get the gist. And, as I've been watching more and more, I've gotten used to each person's tone of voice and the type of things they say, so understanding them has gotten easier.

One of the things I like about S.O.S. is that it's not shot like most telenovelas. There's no dramatic lighting and no ridiculous music. The camera is a little jerky sometimes and the editing is annoying, but I can tell they're going for a certain hip/modern style, so it's ok. The story lines are somewhat believable (at least they're not like "I'm your mom, I have AIDS and I'm pregnant with your husband's kid!"). The women sometimes act like teenagers themselves and they do an awful lot of squealing, but I'm seriously digging it! I'm addicted!

If you're in the market for T.V. shows in Spanish to become addicted to, I highly recommend it. I read on Wikipedia that they're already filming the next season, so my addiction can live on!


Fned said...

OMG is that Kate del Castillo on the bottom left????!!! She's definetly had surgery because her face looks SOO diferent (and because she's been doing telenovelas since I was like 12 or something). I also recognize the girl in the second box on the left but can't remember her name tho... and who can not recognize Suzana Zabaleta (upper right)... at least I think it's her... She was in the ultimate classic mexican film which YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IF YOU HAVEN'T YET: Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas.

Haven't heard about SOS but am going to try and see if I can find on the internet (bad I know... but how else am I supposed to keep up with the hip stuff on tv in Mexico?). It sounds a lot like SATC but seeing how they mixed in the "mexican touch" should be fun.

Thanks for the info!!

Fned said...

Actually I just googled SOS and no, that's not Kate del Castillo. Oufff!!!


mexpat said...

It doesn't have any of the people from Amigas y Rivales, so I'm lost on who's who.

It's funny that you said Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas! You're only like the 100th person to tell me I have to see it, LOL! I was actually looking for it the last time I was at Blockbuster and couldn't find it. I'm gonna have to ask the people there to help me next time.

I believe it is Suzana Zabaleta, though, just because I think I see her name in the credits at the beginning. The theme song is pretty catchy, too! You're gonna love it.

mexpat said...

Ok- I just checked and Susana González was in Amigas y Rivales, but I don't remember her from there at all.