Goodbye Ross and Sandy!

Jun 11, 2008

Over the last six months we've done our fair share of cave diving around the Riviera Maya and in the process we've met lots of wonderful people who also share a passion for cave diving. Most of our dive friends also work in the diving industry- wait, ALL of our diving friends work in the industry. They get to live in exotic locations and dive beautiful reefs and cave systems, but the other side of the coin is that they also don't make that much money.

Ross had been living and working in Playa for about a year when he was offered another opportunity. He, and his lovely girlfriend Sandra, are leaving today to go run the diving portion of an extremely high-end resort in Mozambique for the next 6 months followed by some traveling around Africa.

On Monday they had a farewell party over at La Hora Feliz and lots of diving peeps came out to see them off. (Of course, across the street at La Fe there was another farewell party for another diving couple who were off to Egypt and the Maldives).

This sort of thing doesn't do well for our wanderlust. Both Hans and I daydreamed for about 10 minutes on going to Mozambique, but the reality is that we have the sort of jobs that require us to be available and working regularly (Hans even had to stay up working all night one night last week when there was a problem with one of our servers). So jetting off to Mozambique just isn't in the cards for us right now (besides, we just got to Mexico!).

So, farewell Ross and Sandy! We hope to see you guys again and best of luck in Africa!


Fned said...

I am so jelous of Sandra and Ross (but in a good way)!!

Hubby and I too dream of the day we can just up and move to a different place and begin a whole new round of culture adaptation, new-langauge learning and discovering a new country!! You guys are doing it in Mexico and I'm sure you agree when I say that it's so interesting to start a new life in a new place... everything is new and interesting and mind boogling...

I don't get that feeling here anymore. I miss it...

Much of luck to Sandra and Ross in Mozambique.


Anna said...

There is absolutely no way you two can leave for mozambique yet! Just over two months til I arrive:)

mexpat said...

Fned- Yeah, sometimes I think that even just another part of Mexico would be mind boggling and exciting! Somewhere where there's lots of culture and architecture and less Gringo tourism. But I'm enjoying the beaches and I figure I'll have time to travel here some (I just need to plan some trips)!

Anna- Don't worry, we'll be here! How's the planning going? How's your desire to even show up to work anymore going, lol?

Anna said...

Planning is going pretty well. Yes work is truly dull and I keep feeling like I'm going to blurt out- TWO MONTHS AND I'M OUT OF HERE!!! Just getting my docs together for my FM3.