More about Salsa

May 26, 2008

Before last night I knew there was a difference between Salsa on 1 and Salsa on 2 (namely the beat that you start on, but otherwise they're pretty similar) but I didn't know anything about this Cuban style stuff. Here's a little sampling of what I am talking about that I didn't know before:

Luckily, I have good follow skills (thanks years of swing dancing) so I can basically fake it once I see the basic step, but it just wasn't what I am used to, so my skill level was lower.

Here's a sample of New York style salsa. This is the kind I am used to doing and really enjoy. Please note that I totally look as sexy as this lady and could totally rock a half shirt like that... lol.


Jeff said...

Salsa is definitely a lot of fun. And both of these couples are amazing! I have gone to a couple of different Salsa clubs here in Boston throughout the past year, and they all vary so much. I think it really depends on where you learn it, who you practice with (and where they learned it), and the different rhythms of the music that accompany this wonderful form of movement! And it's certainly even more fun when you are learning the dance in a place like Mexico, Cuba, or Puerto Rico. Buena suerte!