Public Service Announcements and other Ads

Apr 25, 2008

I really haven't felt like working today, so I spent some time reading and napping and thinking about how I really have to work, maybe Sunday... then I decided to watch a little television. I've never really sat around and watched daytime television in Mexico before. I mean, sure, I've been sick on the weekend and stayed in and watched tv, but for whatever reason, I've never watched daytime tv during the week.

In the past I've noticed that the commercials here are very much like the commercials in the states, but what I noticed today was that they can be really different.

For instance, I watched one commercial about how some bottled water company had brought 2 million liters of water to children in impoverished areas of Mexico where they don't have access to clean drinking water.

The next commercial was of a little girl playing with these giant parasites. She was having fun on a swing and drinking water out of a hose with them. It was an ad for a medicine that you can take to eliminate parasites.

The next commercial was various shots of people in Mexico interacting, buying things from each other, helping each other out, etc. The last part of the commercial talked about how if we work together and appreciate our diversity, together we grow and our democracy grows. A public service announcement against racism.

But it's not just on TV. One of the things that I think is so cool about living in a country that is still improving the basic standard of life for it's people is that they have tangible goals that politicians set and accomplish. Paving roads is a big one.

During the time that Cancun was electing their municipal president (like a mayor) they had all these billboards on the way to the airport from Playa that said stuff like "I promise to fix and pave your roads. All of them!"

A couple weeks ago we inaugurated our new municipal president, but before we did that, there was an assembly in the main park to talk about what had been accomplished in Playa with the last president. It was stuff like increasing the amount of green spaces and improving roads.

I guess it's not a huge thing, but it's one of the small differences I see between here and the US. At home the major topic around election time is taxes. Imagine how different life would be if the US had more tangible things to focus on like bringing water to impoverished areas and paving roads!