Heading to the Great White North

Apr 28, 2008

We're going back to Jersey for a week. As you can see, it's not exactly white right now (looks like it'll be more wet and gray) but it's definitely gonna be freezing! I haven't seen 50 degree weather (much less a HIGH of ONLY 55) since 2007! lol

But seriously, I feel like I have no idea how to bring the right clothes for this. I generally wore long underwear under my clothes from October to April and I'm not sure where my long underwear is now... I don't even know if I brought it! And I have sweaters that I brought, but it's hard for me to conceive of how cold it will be (or how not cold). All I know is that the most miserable I have been in my life was when I had to commute outside every day to work in Manhattan. Life improved substantially the first winter that I could decide to brave the weather outside or not!

Anyway- aside from the weather worries, I'm looking forward to seeing friends and have a couple dinner commitments already planned! I'm also looking forward to Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and general clothes shopping. Woo Hoo!

To be completely off topic, we went to see "There Will Be Blood" the other day. Wow, what a weird movie, and so bloody! What's up with the Oscar winning movies this year being so strange and violent? Is that a comment on something we're going through as a country? Totally strange.


heatherinparadise said...

So jealous, I could really use a trip North. Alas, will have to wait until September.

Where did you see There Will Be Blood?

mexpat said...

We saw it this past weekend at Cinepolis at Plaza las Americas. It's called "Petroleo Sangriento."

Anna said...

Its sweater weather here - BUT I don't think you will need your thermal underwear - unless Cat has her AC on:)