Back in Action...

Apr 21, 2008

I didn't mean to be MIA, but we had basically two weeks of visitors! We had a nice visit from Paul (a diving buddy from Jersey) who came down to stay with us and dive some caves. He got certified to cave dive last November here in Playa, but he hadn't had an opportunity to do any cave diving without having to do skills and drills and pass a test at the end, so this trip was really just about having fun.

Unfortunately, I developed a cold just as he got here. I tried to go diving with Hans and Paul on the first day and couldn't descend past about 10 feet due to a sinus block (the air couldn't move around in my sinuses, so it created pressure in my sinus that felt like someone stabbing me with a screwdriver in my forehead. ouch).So I sat on the surface and listened to the birds and watched the ants move along a branch of the tree above me while they dove at Chac Mool Cenote.

I tried again a couple days later and had the same problem, so this time I hung out at Cenote Cristal and Carwash. Not fun when you really want to be diving. (Although I did learn some more Spanish by listening to a local family that came by to swim talking to each other).

Then, just as soon as Paul left, our friend Anna came over from Cozumel where she had been leading a trip from our dive shop back home. She had had to certify people and whatnot, so it wasn't truly a vacation for her, her vacation started after her students left. We hung out for a couple days in Playa going to the beach and asking people in the dive industry about what they know regarding visas to work and what the likely pay rate is.

Then I headed to Cozumel with Anna to enjoy some nice reef diving and general hanging out on Coz. We stayed at the Village Tankah, which was wonderful as usual. We had the Tree room which is on the top floor and is just screened in with a palapa roof. Really nice.

The currents were a little crazy on Coz the first day we dove. We hopped in at Palancar Caves (a personal favorite dive site) and the current was running south, which is opposite of how it normally runs. So we got blown down to Punta Sur and got to do the Devil's Throat (a deep swim through that goes straight down, like a throat). The next dive was just nuts! I'm not even sure where we went, I think it was Palancar Gardens, but the current was running left and right and up and down and forwards and backwards. At one point I got caught in an up-current and got thrown into the reef and then up and over it. It was the first time that I've ever dove in Cozumel and been witness to how strong the currents can be!

So after that non-relaxing day of diving we went to dinner to celebrate Miguel's birthday (he's officially a viejo -old man- now). You may remember Miguel as my model buddy. The next day the diving was back to normal and we had two nice dives with regular strength currents.

It was really great to catch up with Anna and talk about plans for the future and what we want out of life. I think we're kindred spirits in terms of the types of things we value and also our need to escape from the US right now! :)

Back to life as normal. I've made a commitment to get to yoga 6 days this week and I'd like to hit it 6 days next week because after that we're going back to Jersey for a week (which means, we'll be eating all the foods we miss here). My yoga teacher is offering a yoga teacher training session that starts in September. I'm about 95% sure that I'm going to take it. I've looked into teaching yoga about 5 times in the last 10 years and I never had the time to dedicate to it in the states.