Point of Priviledge

Mar 18, 2008

I saw this meme at a random blog I ran across while doing a Google search. I liked it, so I'm going to do it and, just because I'm mean like that, I'm going to tag some fellow blogging companions to do it, too!

The premise is that you "bold" all the statements that are true. The more bold lines one has, the more privileged one's formative years were.

Please note: The list is based on an exercise developed by Will Barratt, Meagan Cahill, Angie Carlen, Minnette Huck, Drew Lurker, Stacy Ploskonka at Illinois State University. The exercise developers ask that if you participate in this blog game, you acknowledge their copyright.


Father went to college

Father finished college

Mother went to college

Mother finished college

Have any relative who is an attorney, physician, or professor - my mom was a professor, if that counts.

Were the same or higher class than your high school teachers (I think they mean social class)

Had more than 50 books in your childhood home

Had more than 500 books in your childhood home - it's quite possible and we certainly had at least 200. My mom is a full blown book addict with no sign of hitting bottom or seeking recovery ;)

Were read children’s books by a parent

Had lessons of any kind before you turned 18

Had more than two kinds of lessons before you turned 18 - piano, guitar, gymnastics, swimming, tennis

The people in the media who dress and talk like me are portrayed positively

Had a credit card with your name on it before you turned 18

Your parents (or a trust) paid for the majority of your college costs

Your parents (or a trust) paid for all of your college costs

Went to a private high school

Went to summer camp - I even worked at a summer camp when I was 15 because I liked it so much

Had a private tutor before you turned 18 - uh, how do you think I passed Geometry? For some reason, trig was easy in college, so I guess she worked.

Family vacations involved staying at hotels

Your clothing was all bought new before you turned 18 - Much of it was new, but I wore a lot of my big sister's stuff, too.

Your parents bought you a car that was not a hand-me-down from them - they weren't new or luxurious, but they weren't hand-me-downs either.

There was original art in your house when you were a child - We had a couple of my uncle's paintings and lots of artwork made by my sister and I.

Had a phone in your room before you turned 18

You and your family lived in a single family house

Your parent(s) owned their own house or apartment before you left home

You had your own room as a child

Participated in an SAT/ACT prep course

Had your own TV in your room in High School - No, and my kids will not have TVs in their rooms either.

Owned a mutual fund or IRA in High School or College - that's what paid for my college

Flew anywhere on a commercial airline before you turned 16 - we went to New York a bunch of times and Utah and Colorado and Mexico...

Went on a cruise with your family - on a small cruise ship to the Great Barrier Reef

Went on more than one cruise with your family

Your parents took you to museums and art galleries as you grew up - They still do when I go home to visit!

You were unaware of how much heating bills were for your family

So that's it! It's sort of a cool meme. I am going to tag 4 bloggers and I suggest they do the same. I'm tagging: Cancun Canuck, Fned, Just Married Chilean Style, andAnna.


CancunCanuck said...

Interesting meme, looks like we have some similar backgrounds. I'll get to mine pronto amiga. :)

Fned said...

Yippeee! I love memes, they are so flattering for self-absorbed people like me that looooove to talk about themselves ;)


CancunCanuck said...

I finished! Yep, my parents were good to me.