New Ride!

Mar 18, 2008

I got this awesome new ride on Saturday! Now I can get to the gym in about 10 minutes without being totally drenched in sweat. And, if you're in my way I can ring my bell at you!

We had a nice weekend. On Saturday we ran errands and got the bikes. On Sunday we went diving at Grand Cenote and Carwash Cenote. I totally reworked my harness and changed out my backup lights, so it was an eventful morning of reconfiguring gear.

I have been working like a mad woman on a project for work lately, so I haven't been doing much aside from working, unfortunately. The project should launch at the end of the month and maybe then I can get back to my regularly scheduled sun bathing.

This is Semana Santa for Mexicans, so there are lots of Mexicans here on vacation (adding to the, literally, hoards of Americans that have descended on Playa). It's funny, one of the reasons we chose Playa was because there were more Europeans, so a more international feel (and it's closer to the caves), but right now we're being inundated with Americans! Just going to dinner is an event that can take twice as long as usual as the waiters are all swamped.

We had discussed going to see the show at CocoBongo in Cancun, but apparently this is not the week to do it! My Spanish teacher said that when she was growing up in Cancun she wasn't allowed to go into town during Spring Break because there were people walking naked in the streets (at least according to her mom and I have no intention of heading up there to find out)!

In other non-news, I started taking Yoga classes with Ellen DeJong. Holy crap, that lady kicks your ass in that class (but I love it)! I've been really digging going for a run on the treadmill followed by a kick ass yoga class that makes you sweat like you're in a sauna! Ahhh, the spiritual bliss of being stretchy...

And finally, Hans started a blog to chronicle his diving adventures.


Tricia said...

Hi there....I stubled onto your blog and have been enjoying the stories of living in Playa. We honeymooned there in 02 and went back 2 more times until the children came along. Now I just lust about a quiet day on the beach drinking something fruity!!

mexpat said...

Hi Tricia,
Thanks for stopping by!