Hairy Situation

Mar 4, 2008

Ok. You win. I give up, Mexican water and humidity, what is the secret to getting my hair to behave?

Ever since we moved here I have had trouble figuring out what the heck it is about the water or the air or what that makes having "normal" hair impossible for me! Since I've been here my (previously nice and straight) hair has been frizzy (thanks humidity), wavy (wha...? why!?!) and hard. Yes, hard.

This is what I have determined so far, to the best of my ability:

1. The water here is really hard. There's tons of calcium in it and who knows what else (I mean you can't drink it, right, so...)

2. There's lots of humidity in the air, so blowing my hair dry straight is a lost cause. Not only will it be frizzy from the sweating that I'm doing while using the friggin' dryer, it will be frizzy the minute I walk out the door anyway.

3. Hard? Is it the lime dust that's in the air from all the construction? We had a friend who went to the doctor here and the doc said that lots of kids have asthma who live here from all the construction... could it be the asthma* lime that's making my hair feel dry and hard?

Anyway, I had been wearing my hair up since I got here and I just got sick of it finally. Yesterday I went to a salon and got a hair cut. The hairdresser guy was a Canadian (I swear, they make it hard on you to practice your Spanish here...) so we were able to discuss in our first languages what was going on. He cut between 2 inches and 4 inches off my hair and layered it. He also blew it out straight with about 4 products in it.

It was definitely straight, but it felt sort of hard and sticky and there was no way I was going to be able to fling it around as it was moving more like a helmet than hair after all those products. BUT- it was straight and didn't frizz. I even ran on the treadmill and it didn't frizz, so I'm thinking that this was one serious product. Anyway, he had to blow it out and iron it and I'm thinking I'm not going through that every day.

So today I let it dry wavy (wtf, hair, why can't you just be curly if you want to be curly?). I wish I was Mayan with stick straight, long, black hair. Life must be so easy (hair-wise, anyway).

So what's the secret ex-pat ladies? Do I need to add something to my water? Do I need some special Gringa tried and tested potion to make it act normal? *sigh*

I am waving the white flag. Please. Mercy!

* I had to edit that, but it was pretty funny as it was... but, no, I don't think it's the asthma that's making my hair hard!


Maggie said...

I think I've done it. We'll see

Maggie said...

Try not using a brush only a wide tooth comb and leave in conditioner. Don't comb when almost dry. Either wet or very dry.

Mexico Way said...

I know the secret but some people will probably think it's gross.

My hair looks its worst when it's clean. I have a slight wave/curl in my hair in certain areas and it gets all frizz and it is really freakin annoying.

When I do my hair curly and gel and defuse it it looks great. But if I want something a little easier, and want to have it relatively straight, the secret to no frizz is DIRTY HAIR!

Aaack! Yes folks I mean it. Hair doesn't really need to be washed as often as we think (unless you have deathly thin limp hair).

My hairdresser back home specifically told me to go 3 or 4 days without washing my hair if I can. If you don't put any product in it and aren't exercising....3 is workable.

I do suggest that the first day you wash your hair, that you have it tied back in a bun to smooth the hair out, and you'll find the next day or two it will look much better.

Ok now call me gross all you want!

CancunCanuck said...

My secret is....keep it short! I've not had a single problem with my hair here, but a pixie cut rarely does.

Liz's (Mexico Way) hair always looks great, I just don't know how she does it!

(To be honest I've never understood having long hair at all anyway, especially in a hot place, it's like wearing a big fur coat, no?)

So, chop it off baby, lol!

mexpat said...

Hey Maggie! You got it to work! I'm taking the leave-in conditioner route tonight to see what happens. I might go back to the salon to buy the curly hair stuff that he had...

Mexico Way: My hair is sometimes better the next day, but I think I fall into the thin, limp hair category... :(

Canuck: Hmmm.... hubby did ask me if I was going to cut it short like that again. Last time I had a pixie was like 1997, so we'll see......

Fned said...

I'm sorry I can't help you here... my hair is the thing about me that pisses me off the most. It's not straight and it's not curly, it's thick and long and it wont behave and it's basically a pain in the @ss....

Also, I never realized there were "different types of waters" in the world!!!

When I came to France I was still washing my hair every day (as most mexicans do) and realized that I was loosing it a chunk at a time. So I cut back on washing it every day (I don't think you're gross Liz *wink*) and started using conditioner but that's pretty much it in the way of products (mostly because of my lack in knowledge of what is what). The falling part stopped but my hair is as rebellious and annoying as ever.

So I do like Mexico Way does: I wish it on Sunday, tie it on Monday and by Wednesday I have lovely straight behaving hair... and by Thursday it's greasy and ugly again :( ... so in all I wash it twice a week.


mexpat said...

Well, after hubby commented that he liked it straight, I have come to the conclusion that leave in conditioner and not brushing it might be the best solution for now. I haven't worn my hair curly on a regular basis since I was 14 and had a perm, so it's taking some getting used to. I just don't think I can do the whole straightening effort all the time. Maybe only for special occasions.

THE BRICES said...

Scary as it may seem Allie, when I first met you you had a perm AND braces!!!....That's been quite a while....


mexpat said...

Jim- yeah at my 10 year highschool reunion a bunch of people told me they thought I had curly hair. I had straight hair all through high school, so that shows how memorable I was after middle school! Lol!