Glutton for Punishment: Mazapan

Mar 31, 2008

Ok- as Ms. Fned and Ms. MarsBattyAngel suggested, I found my way to the food store and picked up a package of Mazapan.

On first inspection I thought, "Mmmmmm cacahuates!" Not only is that one of my favorite words to say in Spanish, but it's also the one that means "Peanut," or "food of the gods," if you will. We can't keep peanut butter in the house because I tend to eat it on everything: celery, carrots, apples, spoons, fingers.

These little, sweet delicacies are made from cacahuates, so you might think they'd be sort of oily, like the center of a Reese's Cup. Nope. When you open them you have to be careful because they can turn into a powder that spills everywhere. I can imagine Mexican parents telling their kids, "Ok, I'll buy you the Mazapan, but you can't eat it in the car!"

The consistency is almost solid, but sort of powdery. The flavor is confectioners sugar with a hint of peanut. They remind me of the interior of one of those Buckeyes- the peanut butter balls they make and dip in chocolate... I think they're from Ohio, the Buckeye state.

I actually thought that the mazapan wasn't that bad. A little sweet, but not bad at all. In fact, if they were coated in chocolate, yummola!

This is fun... of course, now I have to head to the Oxxo for Doraditas now that Mexico Way recommended them! Somehow I see myself gaining weight this week... hmmmm...

Time for some Mazapan!


Ale said...

Oh and guess what.. they do sell mazapanes covered in chocolate!!!

mexpat said...

Oh man... stay away from the candy aisle... don't even look in the direction of the chocolate covered mazapan. That sounds totally dangerous for my waistline! :)