Fun with Clippers!

Mar 10, 2008


Mamacita Chilena said...

Haha, no lie I see hair like the first two pictures on the street here everyday. And thank goodness I come home every day to a guy with hair like the third picture too :)

Anna said...

I prefer Hans number 1. Allie it looks like Hans has the blow drying thing down. Perhaps he can give you some hair tips:)

Fned said...

I also vote for Hans number 1.

I'm more of a long-hair kindda gal (don't tell Cancun Canuck or she'll freak! ;))


mexpat said...

Ok Anna and Fned, I'm sure that if I went into your bedrooms you'd have New Kids On the Block posters on your walls if you like that hair cut! LOL!

Personally, I like Hans with short hair (somewhere between photo 1 and 3) but I'll settle for shaved.

I just can't believe he didn't wear a mohawk for a few days, I mean, sheesh!