Dear Gargantuan Mexican Cockroach,

Mar 21, 2008

I understand that you're just trying to do what's best for you: find food and reproduce before your short life is over. That's cool, I can respect that, I mean we're all here doing the best we can. The thing is, could you just try to do your "thing" on the floor? Or better yet, in my neighbor's apartment? See, when you decide that you want to forage (let's hope you weren't looking to reproduce) in my utensils drawer in the kitchen, well, it makes a lot of work for me. When you're in there, it prompts me to wash all the contents of the drawer and the drawer itself. It also makes me want to throw up. I hope we can see eye to eye on this one.


My apologies if your funeral wasn't as ceremonious as you thought it should be.


Fned said...

Your post cracked me up.
Made my day :D


CancunCanuck said...

Very funny.

Have you got a cat? They are pretty good cucaracha hunters, we haven't seen one here in ages! (ok, going to knock on some wood, I know because I said it we'll have the cockroach king here tonight)

Mamacita Chilena said...

aren't cockroaches considered a delicacy in some countries???

mexpat said...

Fned, yeah- he made me shout and make hubby go deal with it, so at least someone had a good time out of it!

Canuck, We had a cat but he's staying with my sister for now. Our dog was interested in the roach, but only AFTER he was sprayed with the poison!

Mamacita, ew. That sounds like a Fear Factor thing for sure!

RiverGirl said...

That was truly funny! Thanks for that.

Cats are good for chomping roaches. But also make sure you have all openings to the sewer sealed. If you don't have a water trap in the shower (which is COMMON in Mexico) they can climb out of the sewer. A water trap for the sewer costs all of $30 mxp, plus installation.