Cancun: No Country for Sissies!

Mar 8, 2008

Yesterday I made a quick trip to Cancun with my pal Sofia because her computer was at the service center and we both needed a little retail therapy. We hopped on the ADO bus in Playa and a very air conditioned hour later we were in Cancun at the ADO station near Plaza las Americas.

If you have an Apple computer and something goes wrong with it you have three choices in Playa: 1. You can make the 4 hour (or whatever it is) trip to the Apple Store in Merida, 2. You can fly home and deal with it in the states, or 3. you can go up to Cancun to Manzanita del Caribe, an authorized Apple Service Center. Sofia chose #3, so we had to go up there to pick up her lap top.

Manzanita del Caribe is on Labna road right across from Plaza las Americas, one of the big malls in Cancun, so we decided to hit the stores for a little shopping. I swear, I just want to go to Old Navy and Target and get some knit pants and tank tops, but of course they don't exist here, so instead it's Bershka and Zara (which they also happen to have in Playa, but hey...)

So to get to the mall we had to cross the road like 4 times. Let me tell you, after living in Playa and getting used to the speed of things here, Cancun is crazy! We had to take our lives into our own hands and run across the street at full speed and nobody was slowing down. Add to it that when you get to the other side it's not like there's going to be a sidewalk or anything.

I had heard that Cancun was a car city, but I didn't realize how true that was! I mean, Charlotte is a car city, too, but mainly just because everything is so spread out. If you wanted to walk to something near you in Charlotte, though, they'd have sidewalks!

Anyway, we managed to make it to the mall alive and I got a couple nice tank tops. The next big mall I'm going to will be La Isla there in Cancun. I've heard it's really nice. I'm going there with my Spanish tutor, so we'll kill two birds with one stone.

Of course when I told my French neighbor I was going shopping in Cancun she laughed and said "Don't bother!" I'll admit that Cancun probably isn't some great fashion mecca, but seriously, I was just looking for tank tops!

Finally, we went to see "Sin Lugar Para los Debiles" or "No Country for Old Men" the other night. What a weird and violent movie. It was well done, but freaky. Also, the English that they were using was very regional and they didn't say exactly what they meant, necessarily. We went with some friends, he's Austrian and she's Russian. They said they understood about 70% of what they were saying in English and had to resort to reading the Spanish subtitles to really get what the meaning was. Crazy.


JJ said...

"I swear, I just want to go to Old Navy and Target and get some knit pants and tank tops, but of course they don't exist here"

Aaaaah yes, it's practically the female ex-pat's theme song. I think the only thing I really missed when I lived there was Target. When it gets to be just too hard to handle, keep an eye out for Spirit Air flights to Ft. Lauderdale - sometimes you can get them REALLY cheap. I think I was there just about a year when a friend and I took a quick two-day trip and hit Target, Borders, Wild Oats, and a huge mall with every store imaginable. It cured what ailed us and before we knew it we were back in Cancun where we belonged.

Fned said...

I feel your pain when it comes to shopping. I never used to really care much about "going shopping"; if I needed clothes I'd just go to the fayuca or buy something in "el mercado", or wait till our next trip to the states to get my fill on jeans (the only thing you can NEVER get gone ones in Mexico unless you're ready to pay BIG $$$$)...

Then I came to Paris... and life as I knew it was over ;)

Still, I'm glad you found what you were looking for in Cancun and have a great shopping trip at La Isla next time.


harvestmoon said...

I miss Target but I miss thriftstores more.

Costco Cancun has good tank tops and also camis. I've been wearing my Costco camis for 3 years now and they're just starting to get holey. The tank tops are good as new after at least a year - maybe 2?