The Anatomy of a Bubu Lubu

Mar 29, 2008

The other day we were in traffic behind the Bubu Lubu truck and had plenty of time to analyze the Bubu Lubu mascot and speculate on what exactly a Bubu Lubu was. We determined that despite the fact that the truck did not appear to be refrigerated, Bubu Lubus must be some sort of ice cream bar. Why, you might ask? Well, today I was at the Mega and I saw one while I was waiting to check out, so I had to buy it.

Behold, the Bubu Lubu dude.

He's clearly wearing gloves and a scarf. He also appears to be made of snow, right? And his hair do is sort of avalanche-ish? Right? But seriously, he's wearing glove and a scarf!

It's not ice cream, despite the deceptive packaging. It's actually a chocolate bar, or in this case, a pair of chocolate bars.

On the side of the truck it looked like they were vanilla ice cream with a layer of strawberry sauce and then coated in chocolate. Behold the actual Bubu Lubu interior:

If I was a nice blogger I would have gotten out the nice camera with the macro lens so that the Bubu Lubus would be in focus rather than the background, but I'm not nice. Anyway, Bubu Lubus are actually a sickeningly sweet combination of marshmallow and strawberry jam coated with chocolate. Hans and I split one with Chico eating the remaining bite and we had to toss out the second one. They're seriously too sweet for adults.

However, this was the closest I came to even seeing a Peep this Easter. They don't do the commercialized Easter Bunny thing here... refreshing!


heather said...

Do not diss the power of the Bubu Lubu. I've been clean now for at least 5 months, but I still miss the Bubu Lubu every day.

CancunCanuck said...

The Bubu Lubu is a staple in my house! It's actually my favourite chocolate bar. They kind of remind me of Big Turks (Turkish Delight?), I don't know if those are just Canadian delicacies or if you can get them in the USA.

I heart the Bubu Lubus! It's not a trip to Costco without picking up a box. :)

Ale said...

they are sweet killers... I like them though. I guess the mascot is a ghost and the fact its wearing a scarf is because they suggest to put it in the freezer before eating. Don't know why.
heh useless info huh?

MarsBattyAngel said...

Bubu Lubu rules! The mascot is a ghost (I think back in the day it looked a lot like Casper, so they changed it), and it's wearing winter 'clothes' because most prefer the candy frozen or simply cooled. Love them.

Viva Mexico!

Fned said...

OMG the last time I had a bubu lubu the logo was different one with a little ghost!!!

As a kid I never really liked bubu lubus and then in college I developped a serious dependency.... good thing I left Mexico shortly afterwads....

If you want to try another iffy (by iffy I mean either you love it or you hate it) mexican sweet treat next time you're in a Oxxo grab a "mazapan"....

Those things are THA BOMB!!!!!


mexpat said...

You know, we were talking about how you miss cultural stuff by just showing up in a country as an adult.

I told Hans- "Maybe we're missing something with the gloves and scarf because we don't watch the type of tv that would show Bubu Lubu commercials (I'm guessing cartoons?)"

Looks like we were- since we hadn't seen a commercial, we didn't know about putting them in the freezer! Mr. Bubu Lubu (or would it be Senor Bubu Lubu) is dressed and ready for his time in the freezer! lol! This is the stuff I love about living in a foreign country. It's so cool.

MarsBattyAngel said...

omg yes I second the motion on the mazapán! try them!!

Mexico Way said...

Oh my gosh this is your first introdution to Bubu Lubu's? It's true they are best frozen. I've had my Bubu Lubu obsessions but have moved past it thank god.

If you haven't tried Doradita's, in the pastry section....have some. lol.

*hides her devil horns*

Mexico Way said...

Thats the pastry section of the where you buy those fake donuts and fake muffins and stuff. lol. Not the actually "pastry section"...the "fake pastry section". Does that make sense? God I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I too had an experience with Bubu Lubu. My brother and I spent six weeks in Mexico and were mystified by the strange mascot and packaging. As we could not determine with any degree of accuracy what Bubu Lubu would taste like, we never tasted one. Months later, however, after regretting our decision to abstain from Bubu Lubu, my brother went back and acquired two pieces of the candy. In his report of the purchase to me my brother said this of the Bubu Lubu: "Even having tasted it, it's one of the most mysterious substances I have ever encountered." After tasting it myself, I agree. Here ends the tale of the Bubu Lubu.