Waiting on the Gas Truck: Just Another Poor Soul in Mexico

Feb 4, 2008

Ok, on the heels of Mexico Way blowing up the gas truck and then Cancun Canuck switching from Zeta to some other company (undoubtedly higher in the alphabet than Z), we ran out of gas last week... or the week before... which should give you a clue into how much I love to cook.

For the last week+ we haven't had any hot water or any cooking gas. I was telling a couple friends about it and happened to say "We've been showering with cold water, but at least it isn't winter!" when one of them leaned forward and whispered to me "It IS winter."

Anyway, last Monday I stopped by the Zeta gas store (because they don't answer their phones- no seriously)and put in a pedido (request). They said they'd be by the next day between 8 and 3. They didn't come. So I went in again on Wednesday and put in another pedido. Same story, they didn't come. So I called on Thursday afternoon on the hope that they would answer. They did, I put in another pedido and they said the same story. So they didn't come and I didn't think anything of it. My parents were coming into town, so I figured I address it all again this week.

Then we got home on Saturday afternoon and there was a little door tag informing us that Zeta gas had been by but we hadn't been home and could we please put in another pedido. *sigh*

Alright- I'm off to call Zeta gas again...


Mexico Way said...

I know its horrible to say, but I feel a sick evil happiness knowing I'm not the only one who has these sorts of problems.

I wish you the best of luck with the gas situation. Are there any other companies in playa you call?

mexpat said...

Uh... other companies? I haven't seen any other trucks, but I've only been here a month!