Mexico's Next Top Model

Feb 23, 2008

Earlier in the week my friend, Miguel, called to ask if I wanted to do a snorkeling photo shoot. Turns out that they had a German freelance photographer who had come over to Cozumel with lots of Mares equipment and he wanted to get some shots to hopefully get on the cover of some German dive magazine.

It's not hard to twist my arm when you're talking about fun in the sun (and the possibility of scoring some free gear), so I hopped on the ferry and met up with them over at Roberta's Blue Bubble Divers.

We headed down to the park at Punta Sur to see if we could get some nice snorkeling shots, because apparently the reef is super nice down there and not too deep. When we got there it looked like they could hold a surfing competition there were so many waves! The park was closed for snorkeling (and we wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway because it was so rough) so instead of just turning around and heading back up to town, we decided that we should use the opportunity to do some shots of some clothing that the photographer had brought, too.

So we geared up and did some silly walking and jumping around on the beach.
I have learned two things about modeling that I didn't know before:

1) It's really hard not to feel like a total dumb ass while you're frolicking along on the beach, and besides, how do you frolic "normally"? I mean, who frolics?

2) There's a reason they're all 6 feet tall. My new model name is "Stumpy McShortsville."

In the past I have had an addiction to America's Next Top Model, I'll admit it. I think it's cool to see how much models actually have to go through to get a good shot. Now that I've actually tried it, I realize that it's actually quite an accomplishment to become a super model. I also realized that you really need to have a big ego, which- despite all my natural-looking frolicking- I don't really have, because I'm not sure real models feel like dumb asses all the time or they wouldn't do it!

Anyway, after we made complete fools of ourselves on the beach and felt sufficiently dorky, we decided to head back in front of Roberta's where there was calm water and at least a hint of coral.

We swam out to where the water was about 15 feet and Gerald, the photographer, got on the bottom with a scuba tank while we repeatedly dove down 15 feet and swam at him. After about 1/2 an hour of that my ears were really getting tired! It's one thing to dive down a couple times, it's another to do it like 50 times!

Anyway, we ended up with some nice photos- here's hoping that they get into the German magazine!


JJ said...

That's just extremely cool - those photos look like something in a magazine so you're half-way there already. Add that to the list of "Things That Wouldn't Happen to You Back Home"!

Mexico Way said...

Wow what fun!!!

Teri in CO said...

I just found your blog this morning... it was on my "discover" for google reader... I've recently just found Canuck and Cancun too. I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas... so when I saw Brownsville, it piqued my interest! I would love to live in Mexico, but DH would not. I likes to visit! So I'll live my "dream Mexico life" through you!

Fned said...

Love the pics (that's a great one of you in mid-jump!)


THE BRICES said...

You guys get into so much cool sutff. My Sis-in-Law the model whoda thunk it?