Mexico or Bust Featured in the Toronto Star

Feb 17, 2008

After my long rant about West Charlotte High and the article written in the Toronto Star, the reporter who wrote that article contacted me about publishing my blog entry! Pretty cool! You can read the edited version of the blog post here.


Anna said...

Hope Hans is OK. I thought I spotted him in Denville yesterday as I was arriving for Spanish - I guess not:) Let me know about April. So its not Dengay? Anna

Mamacita Chilena said...

Congrats! That's so exciting that they found you and published you!!!!

Fned said...

Wow, that is so cool Girl!


Mexico Way said...

Thats awesome! Congrats!!

mexpat said...

Anna: Hans is doing better, but not well enough to be in Denville! ;) I'll try calling you again tonight!

Mamacita, Fned, Mexico Way: Thanks guys!

jimmyg said...

Allie - nice article, nice blog, nice life!

Bryan Stypmann sent it my way - you're right on and it kills me, too, that Charlotte's fallen backwards. I hope we'll be able to do something like our parents did.

check out his WC '95 site

- jimmy wallace