Hospiten Riviera Maya

Feb 17, 2008

Last night we got home from Coffee Cafe and hanging out with friends and Hans' dry cough started to become really irritated. By about 11pm he had developed a fever, too. By midnight he was achy and had a headache. We immediately thought it was dengue fever.

Dengue fever is a type of fever caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitos. There has been a 600% increase in dengue fever cases in Mexico since 2001 and we know at least 6 people who have had it here. There are four types, one of them being potentially deadly, so we knew that we needed to get to the hospital and get it checked out (assuming it was dengue, after all).

So, this morning we got up and headed over to Hospiten Rivera Maya on the Carretera Federal. The hospital is clean and new (a little over two years old). After giving them a credit card with a $500USD deposit, we were shown directly into the Emergency Room.

Within a couple minutes, Astrid, our nurse showed up and asked a series of questions about Hans' state in Spanish (see, I come in handy sometimes... lol). Then she took his temperature and blood pressure.

A few minutes later the Doctora came in. She asked him several questions in English, listened to his chest and breathing, looked in his ears and down his throat and decided that he should take some paracetemol, have an x-ray and get some blood work done to see if it was a fever caused by infection or virus. She also decided he should have a nebulizer to alleviate his dry cough. (poor photo quality because it's a cell phone photo)

As soon as the nebulizer was finished, he headed off to get his x-rays. There were a couple minutes of confusion when the technicians tried to read the x-ray and saw his nipple rings for the first time!

Anyway, long story short, the Doctora decided that we should go home and Hans should take some more (stronger) paracetemol and to come back in the morning. No conclusion for today and certainly no diagnosis of dengue fever yet.

In the meantime, we bought the first and second seasons of 24, so we'll be plenty busy until the next doctor's appointment. And no diving today... Oh, and the nebulizer, emergency room visit, drugs and blood work cost us less than $200USD... we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.


Mamacita Chilena said...

Wow, even the hospital in Mexico is pretty!

Hope Hans is ok and it's not dengue. There was an outbreak last year in Paraguay too, it was pretty bad. My sister in law actually had to cancel her trip there (my mother in law is Paraguayan) because the reports coming in were so worrying.

Anyways, keep us updated, but I'm glad it sounds like the doctors aren't too worried!

Fned said...

Hope Hans is feeling better and that it's not Dengue and instead turns out to be allergies or something like that (I know, Fned, the ever doctor-hating freak). Keep us updated.


P.S. Let us know what you think of 24... we've never watched that show either!!!

mexpat said...

Thanks guys! I'll keep you updated.

So far 24 is super addicting... it's also somewhat unbelievable, but addicting nonetheless!