Fever Update

Feb 19, 2008

So we went back to Hospiten Riviera Maya today to have a follow up appointment. The doctor did all the regular check up stuff (vitals, listening to inhalations and exhalations, thumping on Hans' back, etc.) then he looked at the x-rays again and ordered another round of blood work.

Turns out it's just viral bronchitis that is causing the fever. He sent us home with a prescription for an expectorant (his coughs changed from dry to mucousy the other day) and some other stuff that should help with the fever.

His fever was down this morning, but the doctor said to continue taking the meds for a few days. The blood work he ran today ruled out an infection.

Everyone we talked to since he got sick said, "You'll KNOW when it's dengue." Apparently you feel like your bones are going to break just from the pressure of your body laying on the bed!


Mexico Way said...

Glad you know what it is and that he seems to be doing better.

Getting sick in a foreign country is scary!

mexpat said...

Yeah- I feel pretty good about the hospital here, but the doctor said that it was limiting in that they only had access to so many diagnostic tools here. I guess if one of us got really sick it'd be off to Cancun, Merida or home...

sean_peadar said...

Whenever I get the fever, the only cure for it, invariably, is more cowbell.

Mamacita Chilena said...

really really glad everything is ok! thank goodness it's not dengue!

getting sick in a foreign country sucks. the hospitals in Chile are supposedly the most modern in all of South America, yet they still use old fashioned thermometers, the iv drips aren't on computerized timing or anything like that, they're just hanging from a metal pole. I don't know, maybe I'm just spoiled because back at home I lived right by a world class hospital. But down here they want to take my tonsils out and I said HELLS TO THE NO!!!!! There's no way I'm getting surgery here. If they don't even have the latest and greatest thermometers what other equipment are they lacking???

So what I'm trying to say is, if your man had ended up with dengue I think I'd be telling you to get him on the first flight home! Glad it hasn't come to that ;)

mexpat said...

Sean: HEY! How's it going? LOL- More Cowbell... I think it was only the 48 hours of 24 that got him through it!

Mamacita: Yeah- I'm not sure about major surgery (I'd be a little worried that they diagnosed it correctly here). I think I'd go to at least three doctors to see what they said and then maybe head home. Good thing we didn't cancel our US health insurance- just reduced it.