Feb 8, 2008

One of the things that I love about Mexico is that vendors come around on bikes selling stuff that you need. This guy has a horn that he squeezes while he rides around. He occasionally shouts out "AGUA!" For 4 extra pesos over what it costs to take your bottle to the store to exchange it, you can run down and exchange your empty Cristal bottle with him for a full one. I'll gladly pay 4 extra pesos for home delivery, thanks!

And, when you have the super ghetto, manual water pump that we have, it pays to have Cristal water. We don't have the flipping over issues that those crazy expats over at Dropped In had because we're ghetto like that. Now, if we could only get rid of our Electropura bottle so we only had two Cristal ones.


Mexico Way said...

You run down to exchange it?

No no no no.

It's their job to bring it up. Sure you can go open the gate if you have to and leave the garrafon by the gate. But get your ass back upstairs and let them carry it. A little propina will take care of it all.

Fned said...

In in the event that a "propina" doesn't take care of it, at least you can always tell yourself you'll have six-pack abs and madonna style arms in no time! ;)


mexpat said...

Dude- that's what husbands are for! I haven't actually carried water since we moved here!

mexpat said...

Ah HA! I have discovered that if I run down with the Garrafon he will bring the water up. If my husband is with me or he goes down, the water guy just hands him the full garrafon... ahhh you gotta love machismo when it makes your life easier....