Still in Austin

Jan 5, 2008

Yesterday we spent the day getting some work done, returning calls and emails. We also went to a couple computer stores to see what could be done about Hans' broken computer. Ultimately, we decided to just rebuild his computer and not buy anything new for it.

For dinner we went to the Salt Lick, which is also an Austin institution. It's about 17 miles outside of Austin in what they call the Hill Country.

When you walk in there's a huge BBQ pit where they're smoking ribs, beef brisket and sausage.

They serve you family-style, so we got a large (all-you-can-eat) platter of ribs, brisket and sausage as well as potato salad, slaw, baked beans, pickles, onions, bread and jalapenos. It was ALOT of food, but very good. We finished up with some blackberry and peach cobbler with ice cream. mmm.

After dinner we went to Cabelas. It's an outdoor store that we don't have in NJ. This particular one was HUGE! We just went in to see what it was and we're glad we did. It was basically like a Zoo.... well, a zoo where all the animals are dead and preserved by talented taxidermists. We walked around and got way too many pictures of dead animals.

They had a big mountain in the middle of the store with animals native to the US. Then they had an Africa room and a Big Game room. They also had an aquarium and one of those carnival-style games where you put a couple quarters in the machine and you can shoot a variety of things (like the guy who you shoot and he plays the piano). I think it's called a shooting gallery.

We've decided to cross the border at Brownsville/Matamoros because it puts us right on the highway we want to be on in Mexico. If we cross at McAllen or Los Indios we have to then drive east to get to 180, so we're just going to cross at Brownsville. We also did a little more research about it since we've been here and it looks like we'll have to take Chico to a vet in Brownsville because they require that the health certificate from the vet not be older than 72 hours. We got our records and health certificates for Chico before we left NJ, so they're too old. We're planning on heading for Browsville some time this afternoon.

ChiChi has been hanging out doing nothing. We've taken him on several walks and he's now discovered that he doesn't like to step on the ant hills here in Texas. We're not sure if he stepped on one and got bitten or what, but he has decided to give the a wide berth.