Soy Leyenda

Jan 22, 2008

Last night we met up with a few friends and went to see Soy Leyenda (I AM LEGEND) at the theater in Centro Maya. We had never been inside the mall and were surprised that it's just like a mall in Anywheresville, USA. We didn't walk around much because we didn't have much time to spare before the movie, but we'll definitely be back in the dead of the summer just to enjoy their air conditioning if for nothing else!

The theaters are NICE and NEW! They're stadium style with chairs that have springy hinges and arms that can be up or down. Aside from the sound being even louder than they keep it in the US (which I thought was impossible- I used to bring ear plugs to theaters in Jersey), the movie watching experience was pretty good. Also- we got ripped off at the ticket counter, so watch out. We had no idea how much a ticket costs- apparently they're $47 pesos and we had a two for one coupon and he charged us $147... We figured it out later so next time we'll know and be on top of it.

Now, as for Soy Leyenda... this is a movie I would never have seen in the US because (a) it's an action film and I'm more of the foreign and indie film type, and (b) it has Will Smith in it. However, we're new in town, so when someone invites you to go to a movie, you go... we're trying to meet people, you know? So, let me say that Soy Leyenda was actually a pretty good movie. It was scarier than I thought it would be and Will Smith was actually (for once) not annoying in this movie.

I'm not a big fan of scary movies, so this one wasn't exactly relaxing to watch- who knew it was actually scary? But what made it even scarier was the unexplained rumbling that would go on while he was wondering about deserted New York City. Finally, about half way through the movie I asked Hans, "But what is that rumbling that's always happening?" and he said "It's the movie next door." That was helpful.

Finally, the opening 5 minutes or so are really cool for someone who used to work in NYC. They start with the NYC shots with a pan over where the Lincoln Tunnel lets out into NYC and there are tons of cars there and the water has risen up, it's interesting. Then they go down and show the Flatiron Building (my old 'hood) and then Union Square subway station where all the skaters and BMXers used to hang out and then Washington Square Park. It's cool.

My verdict: If you live in Mexico and are unlikely to get any arthouse movies, this one it worth seeing. In fact, the next movie that I had no plans of seeing in the US that I think I'll be seeing here is American Gangster... it's coming soon to the theaters at Centro Maya.


Fned said...

How can you NOT like Will Smith!!

I agree that all the other "action heros" (ie Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, etc, etc, etc) annoy the heck out of me and I tend to steer clear of action movies AND scary movies simply because I don't want to pay money to watch the world be destroyed or washed out or invaded or tortured to death... I get enough of that by watching the news already...

BUT I l-o-v-e Will Smith. He is such a cutey ever since "Prince of Bel Air" and all the way to "I am Legend" (which btw I haven't seen)... he seems honestly like a cool guy and, granted, he's made some pretty lame movies, but at least they weren't a complete waste of time because he was in them!

ANYWAY, to each their own... if you like foreign films I definetly recommend the French "Amélie Poulain" (which on second thought I guess you've seen already), the German "Good bye Lenin" and the Rumanian/German "The life of others".... Excellent fil'ems!


mexpat said...

He was actually pretty good in this one. I don't like how he usually goofs it up for the camera. I do have to admit that he was in insanely good shape for this one, though, so if you already think he's cute watch out for the scene where he's shirtless and working out- woah!

If you like Will Smith you should DEFINITELY go see this one.

THE BRICES said...

Come on Allie, you know your sister is a HUGE Will Smith fan!!.....he was actually good in Enemy of the State...

Hope you're enjoying the Yucatan