Our Drive to Mexico

Jan 18, 2008

So I made a little video with iMovie. I've been using a Mac for 9 years now and have never made a move with iMovie.

A couple notes about the video- I forgot to do a screen announcing Campeche state, Yucatan State and Quintana Roo, but we have SO much video to get off the video camera that there's going to be a "real" video coming. This is just a compilation of pictures and video that we shot with the little Sony point-and-shoot. Some of the photos don't stay on the screen very long, but I couldn't figure out how to change that after I'd already added them to the timeline.

Anyway, here it is:

Oh- and the music is "Me Gustas Tu" by Kiko Menendez


Mamacita Chilena said...

LOVE that song. thanks for giving me some fresh music to listen to!

Very cool video thingy, I enjoyed seeing a little more of your trip!

Fned said...


It felt like we were right there with ya! And the music totally goes with the images (although I think that's Manu Chao that's singing isn't it?)...

Great work and awesome idea! It's amazing what you can do with Mac if you know how to use it right! I've had mine for 2 years now and I barely know how to download my pics to iPhoto!! :(


mexpat said...

Yeah- I thought it was Manu Chao, but I checked it before I wrote just to make sure and it says on my iTunes that it's Kiko Menendez.... Maybe it's "featuring Manu Chao?"

Mexico Way said...

I finally got a chance to watch this. Well done!

wayne said...

Call me stupid, but I love driving in Mexico! The passing bit brought back a few memories! About the last bit with the dog...have you ever noticed that the same dog that will stick its' head out the car window for hours will act like you are trying to kill it if you blow in his face? Dogs.

mexpat said...

Lol, Wayne! That's so true about the dog and blowing in his face! We used to love to take him in the car in Jersey in February and watch him try to decide whether it was better to freeze his nose off and stick his head out or stay in the car all together!