Mezzanine in Tulum

Jan 29, 2008

We had a nice weekend all around. On Saturday we kicked around and decided to head down to this public access beach which is off the Federal Highway towards Tulum. It was a nice day and there were only a couple of families enjoying the beach there... so different from the beach clubs in Playa.

We brought a cooler and I had just gotten a copy of "Notes on a Scandal" (I super highly recommend this book), so we just set up shop and enjoyed the sun. Hans went snorkeling right off the beach and I just sat there and read.

By about 5 we were starting to get hungry so we headed on down to Tulum and out to the beach. When we reached the T in the road, we decided to make a left- we usually make a right- because someone had mentioned to us that we should try Mezzanine. As you approach you'll recognize it by the two solar panels and the two wind turbines sticking up off of a palapa roof.

After a quick stop to check out the pricing on kite surfing lessons (special pricing for locals- woo hoo!), we headed out on the beach. The sun was just getting ready to set, so we snapped a pic.

And then we headed up the steps to Mezzanine. It started nice- they were very attentive and told us to pick a seat. So we picked a table at the top of the stairs with a nice view of the beach. The bus boy came over and gave us silverware and menus and then we started to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

About 20 minutes later we were really ready to have a couple drinks or even just some water. The waiters had been bustling around visiting all the tables except ours. In order to get to the kitchen or the bar they had to walk past our table, so it's not like we were hiding in some corner.

Finally, Hans flagged down a waiter, who was visibly irritated by having to come over.

"We've been waiting here for 25 minutes. Do you know who our waiter is?" he asked.

"Yes," responded the waiter.

"Is it you?" Hans asked.

"Yes," responded the waiter.

"Ok, great, can we order?"


After flagging the waiter down and putting in our order, the service was much better. I had a nice glass of Chilean wine and we ordered the chicken satay as a starter. The food is Thai inspired. I had a yummy shrimp salad with a very spicy dressing and Hans had beef red curry.

The view was really quite lovely, so we decided to check out what they had for dessert. We ordered a slice of the Key Lime Pie. It was very pretty, but VERY sweet. This southern girl likes her Key Lime Pie to be tart. Nevertheless, we didn't leave any on the plate.

All in all, the food was alright. The service was fine once we finally got the ball rolling. I don't know if I'd make another special trip just for Mezzanine, but the beaches in Tulum are definitely worth the trek. Mezzanine came highly recommended, I'd say it's a nice place to take a date, but not my favorite.


Mamacita Chilena said...

Woohoo! Chilean wine! It's the coolest :)

Btw, you two are really cute together!

Catalyst said...

Wow! The presentation of that key lime pie is sensational, even if the flavor was not to your liking.

Oh, and you're a pretty good looking couple, too!

Fned said...

Hey, great pic! The key lime sure looks nice and pretty... but I agree with that suthern girl (being half one myself!) -- key lime pye is supposed to be tart!!!

Tulum holds a very special place in my heart... my parents used to run El Mirador restaurant for its owner back in the day when it was only a camping slot with a well, no cabañas and a wild 2 year old Fned running around the place!


Michele said...

Went to Mezzanine for dinner last night with a large group of friends. This was my third or fourth trip there in the last year. I go for the company and conversation.It is a beautiful spot and the food is quite good. However, the service leaves much to be desired. Glad it isn't just me ;)

Hamster said...

Sorry you had so much trouble at the Mezzanine.
That's one of our favorite restaurants when we visit Tulum.
At the end of 2009 they made some nice changes, I think. Expanded their menu.