Mexico or Bust: Now with Pictures!

Jan 13, 2008

Alright, if Fned can update her blog with pictures, I guess I can, too. The photos from the first part of Mexico (and my new favorite state, Veracruz) are all on Hans' computer because we had to make room on the camera for new ones, so these are the latest updates from what was on the camera. Here are the posts that were updated:

Tampico to Veracruz (more pics to come)

Veracruz to Campeche

Notes on Driving to Mexico


Mamacita Chilena said...

Nice, I just checked them out! Looks like a fun driving adventure you guys had :)

Fned said...

Wow! Neat pics!

I agree with you, Veracruz is one lovely state. Just don't go to Chiapas if you don't want Veracruz to drop to second place! ;)