Hola desde Troutville, VA

Jan 2, 2008

Yesterday we got a late start. We had to take my car to my father-in-law because it didn't get sold before we left and he offered to sell it for us. Once we got there, we had a TON of paperwork to do before we could head out. When we finally got on the road we had to head down to Toms River to see some friends and we hung out with their baby who was born 2 months premature. We got to see her leave the hospital, which was pretty cool. So when we finally got on the road to head towards Mexico it was 5pm.

No worries, we drove until midnight last night, which put us in Troutville, VA. Not much happening at this exit off the highway. There's a Comfort Inn (which had wonderful showers and a nice bed and I slept like a log), a Waffle House and a couple other hotels. We're going to grab something at the free continental breakfast and head out.

Our route today should send us down to Tennessee and then across from Knoxville to Memphis. We're going to try to at least swing by Graceland and get a pic while we're in Memphis and maybe taste some of their world-famous BBQ. You can't skip Memphis when your dad is McElvis!

From there we'll cross into Arkansas. Remember that musical Big River and that song "Arkansas"? Yeah, well I can't get it out of my head. From Arkansas we'll cross right into Texas and then who knows how long it will take us to get from the Texas border to Austin, but we'll see.

We're not sure how far we'll get today, but we'll probably do like yesterday and stop when we get tired. I guess that's all for now!