Hola desde Hazen, AK

Jan 3, 2008

Well, we made it to Arkansas last night. We started in Virginia yesterday morning and managed to drive the entire length of Tennessee. We got to Memphis around 7pm local time and, of course, Graceland was closed. We still stopped and took some pictures with the gates and of the house and stuff, but we didn't get to tour it or anything.

Then we drove into downtown Memphis to eat dinner at the Rendezvous, which is famous for their Memphis-style dry-rubbed ribs. Unfortunately, they were closed. Downtown Memphis was like a ghost town! Most places were closed, which was weird for a Wednesday night.

Then we headed to the edge of town where the Mississippi River is and took pictures for about 1/2 an hour. More like, Hans took pictures while I sat in the car and looked because it was literally like 25 degrees. That's what you get when you have a husband who is obsessed with photography and camera equipment. He even got the tripod out so he could get a good picture of the bridge that crosses the river there at Memphis.

Today we have about 8 hours of driving, mostly through Texas, to get to Austin. We're both pretty stoked about seeing Texas from the ground. I've only ever flown in.

Here are some photos from my little point-n-shoot digital. I'll post some nice ones that Hans took with the fancy camera later. I couldn't get any good ones of Graceland because my flash kept going off and so we switched to the good camera.


Fned said...

Wow! Nice pics! And I know EXACTLY what you mean... DH is also obsessed with photogaphy and cameras and lenses and light and tripods, etc, etc, etc.

That is so neat that you're documenting your trip on your blog.

Texas is a fun state, you'll see... and Austin is a great lively young hip city. You're bound to eat good food and listen to great live music...

Keep blogin'....