Hmm- that's odd.

Jan 11, 2008

When I lived in NJ I had a friend who lived in the East Village in Manhattan. She told me that when she was looking for apartments she saw one that she really liked, it was small, but cute and seemed perfect. Then her friend pointed out that the apartment didn't have a sink. No sink at all, not in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

We noticed last night that our kitchen doesn't have an oven. Luckily, the only things I really ever bake are pork chops and cookies. Not being able to make cookies might be a good thing...


Mexico Way said...

Actually that's not odd at all! It's quite normal. Thats why counter top burners and toaster ovens are easy to come by. In addition, I've seen these really really cute mini-ovens with burners in walmart. They connect to a gas tank just like a stove would and probably work just as well.

One of the apartments I was in did not have a stove but had counter top burners. AND if you REALLY want to buy a stove, you can get one for $1000 or $2000 pesos. No biggy!

mexpat said...

Whew... at I don't feel so gullible now!

We had decided to just get a toaster oven thingy at some point, so that's good to know that it's "normal" here!