Coffee Cafe

Jan 21, 2008

Up on the north end of 5th Ave, off to the right and a little back in this new-ish condo complex lies the Coffee Cafe. I have walked past it 100 times without going in, and we had met Robert, the owner, around town, so we finally decided to stop in.

The space is REALLY nice! We chose to sit outside because we had brought Chico, even though they said we could bring the dog inside if we wanted. It was a nice night, so we sat out and listened to the cool techno music that Robert was mixing.

Not only was the atmosphere nice, but they also had good coffee and we ordered a slice of Apple Pie a la mode and it was really tasty, too.

They have free wireless internet and two community computers that you can use for free to check your email or surf the web. They also had a few tvs that were playing movies (I don't know if they had sound because we were outside).

We'll definitely go back, and according to this review from Playa Maya News, they'll be serving wine soon, which is great for me. We like to go to La Hora Feliz because I can get a glass of wine and hubby can get a cappuccino and we can sit there and people watch and play cribbage (no we're not senior citizens and we still play cribbage). ;)


Mamacita Chilena said...

I'm going to out myself.

Hi, my name is Kyle. I'm 23 years old and I'm a cribbage addict.

There, now my cribbage lovin' self is out of the closet :)

Glad you are finding "your" places in Mexico!

mexpat said...

Hi Kyle... Welcome to the World Wide Web meeting of Cribbage Players Anonymous... :)

Fned said...

Sorry ladies, but WHAT IS Cribbage ?

And Mexpat: That Coffee Café sounds like a really neat place! I wish they had something like that near our place, all we got down the street is a dingy bistrot and a gloomy morrocan restaurant with a weird owner! :(


mexpat said...

fned, Cribbage is this old card game that uses a board to keep a tally of the score for each hand. You keep playing hands until one person wins by reaching the end of the board. It's insanely addicting. I carry a travel board in my purse so we can play at a moments' notice... well, I only started that since we moved here and have more free time (and no cable tv).

Joe said...

Wow, sounds like a nice place! The shocking thing about this post that I stumbled on while looking for cribbage via google is that there is still someone out there who does not know what Cribbage is!!!

It must be a hoax. Goto Cribbaholics Unanimous and learn all about it.


Fned said...

Hi Joe, Nope, it's not a hoax... I genuinely don't know what Cribbage is! But, I tend to be odd like that... I've never played Scabble in my life either!! They used to call us "The Monopoly family" growing up. LOL


Joe said...

Fned, well that is actually kind of nice. It's as if you had never heard of ice cream or movies and now you have a chance to experience something new and exciting.

Just be careful... small doses of cribbage at first until you get used to all the adrenaline. Wouldn't want to overdo it. :o)

Cheers, and happy pegging.