Apropos of Nothing...

Jan 14, 2008

Before we left for Mexico we wanted to set up systems that back up our computers in case they got stolen while we're here. Theft is a real problem in Playa del Carmen (you should see the number of pawn shops here...) so we wanted to be prepared. Our work is on the computer, so it's the loss of data that would be a problem more than the loss of the physical computer. Plus, we brought laptops, which are portable, you know, by definition.

So anyway, we decided to back up and remove any data from old or closed projects and then remove that info from our 'puters. Then we subscribed to Mozy. Let me just take this opportunity to say that I love Mozy.

If I leave my computer on overnight it backs up the files and folders I selected. It's awesome. It's not a file archive, meaning, if I erase a folder on my computer, when Mozy backs up it will erase the same folder from it's server. Basically it's a snapshot of what my computer looks like today. So, if someone stole my computer I could get another one, install the software I need and then download the data from Mozy and be back in business.

The first time it backed up it took a couple days to upload all the stuff I wanted to back up (took Hans 7 days), but last night it backed up 15 GB worth of data in 4.5 hours, while I slept. It's just awesome.